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Bankia and Montemadrid Foundation donate one million euros to 78 welfare projects

14 December 2016

Category: Social Action

José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, Executive Chairman of Bankia, during the event

  • Over 70,000 people set to benefit from donations in the Autonomous Community of Madrid and Castile-La Mancha
  • 38.6% of funding is for programmes aimed at helping people into work through training and internships and work placements at special centres or companies

This Wednesday, Bankia and the Montemadrid Foundation handed out a million euros to a total of 78 welfare organisations in the Autonomous Community of Madrid and Castile-La Mancha through their "Fourth Social Action Funding Round". Upwards of 70,000 especially vulnerable people are set to directly benefit from the projects.

For the fourth year running, the funding round, established through the partnership between these two unrelated entities, has continued to focus on priority areas for social action, backing programmes to help people into work as a way of integrating them into society, reduce inequalities, defend the rights of people, promote their independence, and encourage social action and volunteering.

During an event at Bankia's headquarters, the bank's chairman, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, and the chairman of the Montemadrid Foundation's Board of Trustees, Jesús Núñez, handed out the donations to the beneficiaries, accompanied by Carlos Izquierdo, regional minister for social policy and the family of the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

During their speeches, all three underlined the importance of the NGOs' work and the need to continue collaborating to support projects that improve people's quality of life.

Regional minister for social policy and the family of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Carlos Izquierdo, stressed that "the regional government's goal is that no-one who needs support is left to fend for themselves in the region". He went on to say that "the Autonomous Community of Madrid must be clear that we cannot achieve this objective alone; we need society and local companies and social organisations to come on board".

Bankia's chairman, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, echoed this sentiment, making the point to the organisations attending the event that "today, the work of organisations like yours is becoming a linchpin of cohesion in our society, stopping society from breaking apart by ensuring a large number of citizens are not relegated to the fringes of society".

Goirigolzarri also explained that "this programme is a source of pride because one of our priorities at Bankia is to ensure the people of Madrid feel we are right beside them, because Madrid has played a key role in the bank's past, as it does now and will do in the future".

Jesús Núñez, meanwhile, pointed out that "if there is one thing that sets the Montemadrid Foundation apart it is probably its great ability to forge partnerships with other organisations and public authorities". "This funding round is an excellent example of this commitment to cooperation," the Board of Trustee's chairman remarked.

Social action funding

During the four consecutive years of funding, Bankia and the Montemadrid Foundation have supported 290 projects through donations of 4 million euros, benefiting 400,000 people in the Autonomous Community of Madrid and Castile-La Mancha.

Of the projects awarded funding, 34.6% help people find work; 32.1% support those with drug or alcohol dependence, at risk, on low incomes or experiencing inequality; 12.8% focus on self-sufficiency and universal access for the disabled; 17.9% are for equipment; and the remaining 2.6% are programmes to promote volunteering. 

Upwards of 70,000 individuals are to receive assistance across the two regions. 29.5% will benefit groups facing social and employment problems; 28.2% individuals with physical and sensory disabilities; 21.8% the mentally disabled; 14.1% infants and young people; 3.8% sufferers of neurodegenerative diseases; and 2.6% the elderly.

"This initiative mirrors the two-pronged approach of Cristina Cifuentes' government: job creation and support for those most in need," indicated the the Autonomous Community of Madrid's regional minister for social policy and the family.

Some of the selected projects include: the Balia Foundation's Latin Youth Territory [Territorio Joven Latina]; I'll Tell You [Yo te lo cuento] run by the Numen Foundation; and Cesal's Urban Heroes [Héroes urbanos]. The full list of projects receiving funding is available here.

The Montemadrid Foundation is one of the private non-profit organisations that dedicates the most to boosting and promoting social action, education, culture and environmental protection. A large part of its work involves supporting organisations in the tertiary sector, although the lion's share is at socio-cultural centres such as La Casa Encendida and Casa San Cristóbal, infants' schools, education centres, spaces for the elderly, libraries and occupational and special employment centres.

The two hallmarks of Bankia's social action are the engagement of its entire workforce with the social projects supported and the strong ties that are forged with them. It has worked with over 800 welfare organisations across Spain in 2015, supporting projects falling within its main areas of action: education, employment, housing, local development and disability.

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