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Bankia funds 52 NGOs with €1.17 million to support job placement programmes for disabled persons

29 December 2016

Category: Social Action

  • Agreements penned in 2016 with Fundación Randstad, Fundación Adecco and Fundación ONCE covering all of Spain
  • Another 34 non-profit organisations in Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Canary Islands, Catalonia, Valencian Community, La Rioja, Navarre, Aragón, Cantabria and the Community of Madrid have received funding from the bank
  • The Capaces programme promoted together with Fundación Bancaja supports another 15 associations

In 2016 Bankia allocated a total of 1.17 million euros to job placement programmes for persons with disabilities through 52 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) throughout the country, as part of its commitment to work closely with local projects.

For the fifth straight year, the bank distributed its social investment for 2016 amongst NGOs throughout Spain via funds set up as part of the alternative measures mandated by the General Law on the Rights and Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities.

Bankia reached agreements with three national foundations (Fundación Randstad, Fundación Adecco and Fundación ONCE) and also funded projects of 34 other foundations in several regions, including Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Canary Islands, Catalonia, Valencian Community, La Rioja, Navarre, Aragón, Cantabria and the Community of Madrid.

Part of these funds have been earmarked for the Integrados (‘Integrated') programme organised by Fundación Randstad for disabled persons whose lack of training and economic resources hinders their integration into the labour market and who are residents of the regions of Madrid, the Valencian Community, Catalonia, La Rioja, as well as the cities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Ávila, Segovia and Sevilla.

The bank has also continued funding the Enseña lo que sabes (‘Teach what you know') programme of the same Fundación Randstad, which features participation of Bankia employees as volunteers in training workshops to help complete the social-employment integration programmes of the foundation.

Bankia is also supporting the general integration plan for disabled persons of Fundación Adecco, known as #EmpleoParaTodos (‘JobsForAll'). Through this nationwide project the bank has contributed to generating more than 3,640 jobs and trained disabled persons at the risk of social exclusion in basic occupational skills through volunteer activities carried on by Bankia employees.

Bankia has teamed up with Fundación ONCE for the programme of educational grants called Oportunidad al talento (‘Opportunity for talent') for university students with disabilities. The initiative promotes internal mobility and helps these students to obtain master's degrees and doctorates, and carry on research to enhance the employability and professional development of people in this situation.

"Through these programmes Bankia is living up to its commitment to enhance the employability of the disabled in all of Spain and, especially, in the regions where we are present", underscored David Menéndez, head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the bank.

49 regional projects

In addition to the nationwide projects, Bankia has promoted other initiatives to integrate persons with disabilities in the areas where the bank has a greater presence.  This support has benefitted a total of 40 regional NGOs, and the Capaces programme, sponsored jointly with Fundación Bancaja, has provided backing for another 15 associations.

There follows a list of the groups to which Bankia has contributed in different provinces and regions:

  • La Rioja:

    • Aspace La Rioja (association that provides care for persons with cerebral palsy in La Rioja).
    • Asprodema (support association for mentally retarded adults).
  • Navarra:

    • Fundación Aspace Navarra for employment.
  • Aragón:

    • Asociación Atades.
  • Cantabria:

    • Ampros (Cantabria Association in support of the mentally handicapped).
  • Cataluña:

    • Fundació Privada del Maresme pro Persones amb Disminució Psíquica.
    • Fundació Privada Sentit (La Fageda).
    • Fundació Privada Acció Baix Montseny.
    • Fundació Privada Femarec.
    • Asociación Alpi, AAS.
    • Fundación Privada el Moli d’en Puigvert.
  • Valencian Community:

    • In this region, Bankia is sponsoring, through Fundación Bancaja, the Capaces programme of aid to non-profit social organisations that carry out initiatives to promote labour integration of persons with disabilities in the Valencian Community. The third edition of the programme awarded a total of 15 funding lines of 10,000 euros each.
  • Castilla y León:

    • Fundación Personas, Segovia.
    • ASPAYM Castilla y León (Valladolid).
    • Down Ávila (Down Syndrome Association of Ávila).
    • Aspace Ávila (Association of Cerebral Palsy Sufferers).
    • Pronisa Ávila.
    • Faema Salud Mental Ávila.
    • Fundabem (Ávila Foundation for Employment).
    • Centro Santa Teresa, La Casa Grande de Martiherrero.
  • Castilla-La Mancha:

    • TextoAsociación Aspaym Toledo.
    • Asociación AMIAB Albacete.
    • Canary Islands:

      • Asociación ADEPSI.
      • Asociación CIVITAS, Centres Specialised in Persons with Mental Disabilities.
      • AFES Salud Mental.
      • Asociación de Personas Sordas de Gran Canaria (Gran Canarias Association for the Deaf).
      • ADISLAN (Lanzarote Association for the Disabled).
    • Madrid:

      • Fundación Integra.
      • Fundación Carmen Pardo-Valcarce.
      • Fundación Prodis.
      • Fundación Betesda.
      • Fundación Amás Social.
      • Fundación Amás Social.
      • Fundación Juan XXIII.
    • With its support of these initiatives, in 2016 Bankia continued its strategy of widely and finely distributing its investment in different regions. It has maintained its support of associations, whether NGOs or foundations, that carry on programmes for job market integration of the disabled through actions to raise awareness and provide employment orientation, training and development of social skills.

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