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Bankia to sponsor Madrid Book Fair to be held in Retiro Park from 26 May to 11 June

20 April 2017

Category: Sponsorship

From left to right: Eugenio Solla, corporate director of Bankia’s Madrid North regional head office; Reyes Díaz, chairman of the Madrid Booksellers Guild; and Manuel Gil, director of the Madrid Book Fair.

  • The bank will have the status of Official Sponsor of one of Spain’s top book industry events
  • In this year’s edition, the bank is sponsoring the Bankia Cultural Activities Pavilion, which will be the venue for the fair’s main events
  • Bankia will deploy two “Ofibus” mobile branches in the Retiro Gardens to allow both exhibitors and visitors to perform all their usual banking transactions on-site

Bankia has signed an agreement with the Madrid Book Trade Association to sponsor the Madrid Book Fair, which will be held between 26 May and 11 June in the Buen Retiro Park in the Spanish capital.

Bankia  will have the status of Official Sponsor and will also be the Exclusive Sponsor among financial services companies. Also, new this year, the bank is sponsoring the Bankia Cultural Activities Pavilion, which will be the venue for the fair's main events.

The signing ceremony, held at the Bankia headquarters, was attended by the corporate director of Bankia's Madrid North regional head office, Eugenio Solla; the director of the Madrid Book Fair, Manuel Gil; and the chair of the Madrid Booksellers Guild, Reyes Díaz.

Bankia's support for one of Spain's most important book industry events is part of the bank's policy of sponsoring cultural projects. Taking part in the event will be the most notable booksellers, publishers, distributors and authors, who contribute decisively to promoting book sales and the reading of books in Spain.

"Bankia's support for the Madrid Book Fair demonstrates, once again, our bank's commitment to culture and one of the country's leading book industry events, in the Community of Madrid, which is such an important region for us," said the corporate director of Madrid North regional head office, Eugenio Solla.

The director of the Book Fair, Manuel Gil, emphasised, for his part, that "the agreement with Bankia is a lifeline that has allowed the fair to expand in an area as important as the promotion of cultural activities".

Gil also drew attention to the fact that this year's Madrid Book Fair will be attended by "the directors of the main book fairs of Latin America in order to exchange views, find synergies and see what each of us are doing in our respective countries".

Two Ofibuses for cash withdrawals

Bankia will deploy two Ofibus mobile branches at the fair to allow users to carry out ordinary banking transactions. "The Ofibuses will allow anyone who comes into the Retiro Park to withdraw cash without having to go outside the park; and they will also be available to the booksellers, publishers, distributors and authors," Solla said.

The agreement entered into with the Madrid Book Trade Association also gives the association's members access to Bankia's financial products on advantageous terms, especially insurance to cover professional activities and point-of-sale terminals.

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