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  • Bankia increased the number of self-employed customers exempt from paying fees by 50% during the last year 16 August 2017
    Bankia has increased the number of self-employed customers that no longer pay fees by 50% over the last year. After launching its new position for this customer segment in May 2016, these types of customers have been exempt from paying fees on the most common transaction types simply by meeting the requirement to pay their self-employment social security contributions by standing order.
  • Bankia and the EIB sign €1 billion loan agreement for SMEs and the self-employed 06 July 2017
    Bankia and the European Investment Bank (EIB) have signed a new agreement that will make €1 billion in loans available to SMEs, the self-employed and medium-sized companies.
  • Spanish companies earn a pass in digital competitiveness but could do better 27 March 2017
    Spanish companies obtain a pass in digital competitiveness but have ample room for improvement, considering that they score an average of five out of ten, according to the “2016 Bankia Índicex Report: The digitisation of companies in Spain”.
  • Bankia attracted 172,293 salaries in 2016 after eliminating its fees 23 January 2017
    In 2016 Bankia increased the number of customers that automatically pay their income into the bank by 172,293, following its announcement on 11 January 2016 that it would eliminate all fees for customers that pay their salary or pension into their accounts.
  • Bankia rolls out free tool that calculates market price of any home in Spain 18 January 2017
    Bankia has launched a free tool that allows customers and non-customers alike to learn the market price of any home in Spain and obtain a detailed report on the main characteristics of the dwelling and its surrounding area. Developed in tandem with Idealista, the application is hosted on the Bankia website and is free of charge. It can be used an unlimited number of times.
  • Bankia launches the “No Fees Mortgage” 11 January 2017
    Bankia today launched the “No Fees Mortgage”, which eliminates all of the charges associated with this type of loan for customers that automatically pay in their salaries or pensions. Furthermore, customers will not be required to take out any additional products with the bank to benefit from these conditions.

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