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The Bankia Talent Model sets the goal of identifying, developing and managing the potential of its professionals to ensure that the organisation has talented persons to carry out its business, consolidating differential and sustainable competitive advantages in a manner consistent with the bank's values.

Model talent - Bankia

The know-your-people process, and the identification of talent, has involved 6,034 interviews since 2014. In 2015 those interviews were extended to commercial and technical staff. These talent identification initiatives resulted in 294 appointments in 2015, and, finally, in 2016 by 224 promotions.

Noteworthy amongst the development actions implemented in Bankia are:

  • Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP): addressing business transformation, communication, leadership and change management issues.
  • Career Development Plans (CDPs): help plan the professional development of persons with talent and potential, and adapt to the present and future needs of the business.
  • Executive Skills Programmes: both for executives and pre-executives in the branch network and central services. Individualised focus on critical executive behaviours and skills.
  • Mentoring: in addition to personal and professional growth, this development action seeks to strengthen and foster an organisational culture grounded in our shared values in Bankia
  • Coaching: intended to achieve specific and immediate development objectives.
  • Dynamic Development Plans: integrate a series of development actions that seek to invigorate the professional growth of our people and help organise a talent pool to cover internal needs in strategic projects.

Development actions - Bankia

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