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BankiaDual Training Programmes in Bankia

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Bankia's commitment to promoting and fostering dual training programmes that combine education and practical internships to improve student skills and qualifications in 2015 spawned an innovative training action that stands out as the first project of this kind sponsored by a Spanish financial institution.

The aim is to train, with an eminently practical approach, students enrolled in Business Administration and Finance occupational training programmes as customer managers in financial institutions, through a Bankia Dual Training & Internships Cycle in Administration and Finance.

Bankia, through this pioneering project, is simultaneously working in four educational centres in the regions of Madrid and Valencia. In Madrid, the two centres belong to the Cooperativa Gredos San Diego and are located in Buitrago and Las Suertes. The two centres in Valencia are CIPFP Mislata and Florida Centre de Formació Cooperativa Valenciana.

Dual Training & Internships Cycle in Administration and Finance 

Bankia is responsible for the in-company training internships and, in cooperation with the educational centre, designs a plan of work for each student. This project involves hundreds of the bank's professionals, given that this is considered an enterprise-wide project for the entire organisation.

 Work plan with students

The programme of studies has been prepared jointly by Bankia and the training centres. Bankia advises the teaches in the schools, helps update the educational contents and, in addition, carries out diverse business training activities (conferences, seminars, talks, etc.) given by bank employees.

This training programme initially involves two academic classes each lasting two years (11 months at the schools and nine months in Bankia) that will graduate 50 students in June 2017 and another 50 in June 2018.

The students, trained mainly as customer managers, receive a total grant of 4,680 euros from Bankia, paid during their months of internship at the bank.

 Programme of studies

Company tutors

The company tutors are the managers of the offices to which the students are assigned.

Their functions include: ensuring the quality of the student’s apprenticeship at the office; involving students in the company's production process; accompanying and orienting students during their stay in the company, ensuring coordination with the schools and assessing the students' progress, thereby contributing to their final evaluation.

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