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Bankia has always demonstrated a resolute commitment to social issues as part of its corporate responsibility strategy. In its different social projects, Bankia's human capital plays a leading role in the bank's pursuit of those activities. The involvement of its professionals is vital for carrying out Bankia's social action and that is why its employees participate in a variety of volunteering initiatives.

For example, Bankia employees take part in selecting more than 200 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) through the Red Solidaria (Solidarity Network) and help raise funds in initiatives such as Planta tu Projecto (Name Your Project). The third edition of this last programme raised 64,140 euros to be distributed amongst 12 social organisations proposed by employees.

Their involvement is also crucial for the different "volunteer days" organised in the bank. More than 70 such days were held in 2015. Bankia has permanent volunteers who take part in training sessions for the handicapped, such as those carried out by Fundación Randstad, Asprodema, Fundación Integra and Fundación Adecco. Also of note in 2015 were the sports events organised to support the fight against cancer by Fundación Sandra Ibarra and by the association of parents of children with cancer, ASION, in conjunction with the Madrid Marathon.

Corporate volunteering in figures

This involvement of Bankia's people goes further, with some of the volunteering actions also being supported by their families, clearly testifying to their sensitivity to these social issues and their commitment to helping others.

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