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Within its corporate responsibility strategy, Bankia has always shown a total commitment to social issues. Its workforce, made up of more than 13,000 professionals, plays a key role in carrying out the bank's various social projects. The involvement of Bankia's professionals in the bank's social action is vital, which is why employees take part in a range of volunteering projects.

By way of example, Bankia's professionals help to choose more than 245 NGOs through Red Solidaria, a volunteering project focused on meeting basic needs, promoting employment and helping people with disabilities. In 2016 Red Solidaria benefitted 74,000 people, thanks to the 1.42 million euros devoted to the programme. Other initiatives are aimed at fundraising. One of them is Name your project, which in its third year raised 80,284 euros to be shared between nine social entities nominated by the employees.

Another programme that was very well received is Contigo Dos Pueden Ser Cuatro, through which Bankia's professionals made donations to the popular "Operación Kilo" food collection programme, which the bank then doubled to a total of 75,458 euros, which went to the Spanish food banks federation Fesbal.

The involvement of Bankia's professionals is also decisive in the various volunteering days organised through the bank. A total of 117 volunteering days were held during 2016. Bankia also has permanent volunteers, who attend training sessions for people with disabilities, such as those carried out with Fundación Randstad, Asprodema and Plena Inclusión. Another standout programme in 2016 was "Correr con Doble Meta", in which the bank's professionals donate the kilometres they have run in various official races and Bankia converts those kilometres into financial aid for NGOs. A total of 9,193 euros was donated.  

The involvement of Bankia's workforce goes even further than this, as some volunteering events are also attended by relatives and family members, who show their sensitivity to these social issues by getting involved in helping others.

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