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Management style

Professionalism, integrity, commitment, closeness and focus on achievement are the bedrock values of the Bankia management style. All of them are essential for consolidating the bank's culture and achieving its goals.


Identifying, developing and managing the potential of the bank's professionals are the goals of the Bankia Talent Model. They ensure that the organisation has persons with the talent to be able to carry on its business.


Facilitating access by Bankia employees to high-quality training is a pivotal factor for their personal development and for improving the bank's performance.

Health and safety

The Bankia Policy on Prevention of Occupational Risks (POR) goes beyond complying with the applicable legal requirements and forms part of the commitments made voluntarily in its Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Dual Training Programmes in Bankia

Through this pioneering project Bankia works in the development of simultaneously in four educational centers of two autonomous communities, Madrid and Valencia.

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