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The bank's talent model is designed to identify, develop and manage the potential of its professionals, so as to ensure that the organisation has talented people to develop the business, establishing differential and sustainable competitive advantages in line with the bank's values.

For this purpose, Bankia has developed the Mentoring Programme, the 2016/2017 edition of which involved 60 of the bank's professionals. The aim of the programme is to promote cultural change by fostering a global vision, cross-organizational collaboration and networking and helps the organisation grow and adapt to an increasingly complex and changing world that calls for new skills and abilities.

The process of people assessment and talent identification has involved conducting 6,034 interviews since 2014. In 2015, these interviews were extended to sales staff and specialists. This talent identification process led to 294 appointments during 2015 and 229 promotions in 2016.

  • Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP): which addresses issues such as business transformation, communication, leadership and change management. 
  • Career Development Plans (CDPs): for planning the professional development of people with talent and potential, while also adapting to the present and future needs of the business. 
  • Management Skills Programmes: both for senior managers and for senior management candidates in the commercial network and central services. Critical management skills and behaviours are developed at an individual level. 
  • Mentoring: besides personal and professional growth, mentoring aims to reinforce and promote within Bankia an organizational culture built on shared values.
  • Coaching: aimed at achieving specific and immediate development goals. 
  • Stimulus Plans: a series of development actions aimed at accelerating professional growth and providing the organisation with a talent pool to meet internal needs in strategic projects.

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