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BankiaHealth and safety

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Bankia promotes a work environment that ensures the safety and health of its employees by applying a consistent and coordinated policy for the prevention of occupational hazards.

Bankia has developed a Policy on Prevention of Occupational Risks (POR) that goes beyond complying with the applicable legal requirements, and forms part of the commitments made voluntarily in its Code of Ethics and Conduct, with the goal of standing out as a model of best practices in relation to working conditions.

The POR Plan is the tool for integrating the Bankia Group's preventive activities into its overall management system and at all hierarchical levels, setting out the concrete policy to be followed at all points in time based on the key instruments for managing this policy.

The design of the POR Plan is based on identifying and controlling the risks that arise from the bank’s activities and processes — running from general workplace risks to the specific ones of each position and activity.

The Bankia Group's prevention management system is articulated through the annual programming of preventive activities, which is approved by the State Committee on Safety and Health.

These activities involve diverse agreements reached between management and employee representatives to improve working conditions. The action protocols for dealing with situations of external violence and robberies are executed on a coordinated and immediate basis in order to provide employees with support and assistance.

Institutional Commitments

Bankia - AESPLA AESPLA: Asociación Española de Servicios de Prevención Laboral.

ESPLA - Bankia
AESPLA: Asociación Española de Servicios de Prevención Laboral.

Bankia - ENWHPENWHP: The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion.

ENWHP - Bankia
ENWHP: The European Network for Workplace Health Promotion.

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