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BankiaManagement style

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All companies that strive to be leaders have a unique management style that sets them apart.

The Bankia management style is rooted in its values (professionalism, integrity, commitment, closeness and focus on achievement) and is essential for consolidating the bank's culture and achieving its goals.

Those values underpin everything that Bankia is and what it wants to be, and are the root source of how it conducts itself and its results, customer satisfaction and the bank's positioning in society.

In Bankia all work is based on a results-driven model, but no objective stands above our values.

With their positioning based on closeness, simplicity and transparency, Bankia's people work with a permanent drive to outdo themselves, to be better and to offer their customers the best service.

The Bankia project can only be successful with the active engagement of its people. That is why people management and development stands as the cornerstone of the executive function.

Management Style

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