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The Bankia team is made up of 17,217 people, who work day by day to ensure that responsible management is exercised in every aspect of the business. The effort to identify and develop internal talent, together with effective people management and continuing professional development, are defining features of the main projects carried out in 2017.


Bankia is made up of 17,217 employees, including those from BMN, at December 2017. Before the merger, the Bankia team comprised 13,122 workers, of whom 45.37% are men and 54.63%, women. All the people who work in the bank have an open-ended contract. And 99.96% of the Bankia's employees work in Spain.

The average age of Bankia's employees is 45.08 and the average length of service, 19.19 years.

Management posts


59.14% of management posts are held by men and 40.86%.

Business Area

Bankia has 17,217 employees, distributed across central services, which account for 15.68% of the total, and the commercial network, accounting for 84.32%.

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