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BankiaA sustainable bank

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Our principles

Bankia is complying with its Strategic Plan with a clear mission and a set of values —professionalism, integrity, commitment, closeness and focus on achievement— that govern the conduct of all persons in the organisation, because the Bank's goals can only be achieved based on these principles.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance features as a priority in the strategy of Bankia. The Bankia Board of Directors now has eleven members, composed of three Executive Directors and eight Independent Directors

Corporate Integrity

Bankia has a Code of Ethics and Conduct that sets out the rules and procedures to be followed by all Bankia staff, and governing their professional conduct and activities.

Business Model

The aim is to provide the best quality service through a new commercial model that can boost customer satisfaction.

SMEs, Retailers & Self-Employed Customers

Bankia has developed the SME Plan to improve its attention and lending to these customers.

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