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BankiaBusiness Model

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Universal Branch

Bankia has progressively implemented a new model of commercial office in its retail network, with the aim of standardising its offices, reinforcing the bank's image, and optimising the distribution of space. In order to do so, access is being improved, with a wider hall where the 24-hour ATMs are located, while commercial access is being redefined so as to be more comfortable and intuitive for customers. The end result is a new space that improves the quality of service and the relationship with customers.


Agile Branch

The emphasis on customer proximity is realised through, among other initiatives, the implementation of a new agile branch, a new concept of office which directs service towards customers and non-customers who require a swifter high-quality transaction, with uninterrupted opening hours extended until 6:00pm.



The improvements in infrastructure to enhance service levels are accompanied by technological improvements to streamline operations so that professionals from the commercial network are able to offer swift and effective service.


The New Office Desktop brings together all the functionalities used in the commercial management of our customers. It provides commercial management with an always visible summary of the most relevant information on customers, and integrates all the commercial, operational and contract-related information on a customer from all channels into an overall view.



The Operational Support Service (OSS) provides the commercial network with operational knowledge, and provides simpler access to relevant information on each process.


Personalised Management

Specialised managers have been appointed for personal and private banking customers in order to establish a clear customer-manager identification. Managers undergo training cycles (basic – advanced – specialised) in order to acquire the necessary commercial skills and knowledge that may help them to understand each customer's specific requirements.

Each private banking client receives the advisory or portfolio management service suited to their risk profile, and maintains their transactional business in their retail network office. This collaboration between retail network and private banking translates into a valued business opportunity for customers. The tasks of providing advisory services and selecting assets are supported with analysis carried out by the committees created within Bankia for this purpose. These include the participation of private banking specialists.

Quality of Service

As part of the Bankia Quality Plan, measurements of quality are taken, helping to improve the customers' experience and their level of satisfaction with the bank. This has the aim of revealing the general opinion about which aspects have the greatest impact on commercial activity. The results allow strengths to be identified and actions for improvement to be planned.

One of the techniques used by Bankia to measure the quality of service in the branch and office network is the use of mystery shoppers, managed by an external company, who assume the guise of a client without giving prior notification to the offices. This project allows objective quality levels to be compared with overall levels for the sector, as well as allowing internal improvements to be made in areas where this is deemed necessary.

The results obtained during the course of 2014 demonstrated an improvement of over 12%, placing the bank above the sector average and the majority of main competitors. .


Step Forward Plan

The "Plan Avanza" ("Step Forward Plan"), designed as a methodological support for improving customer perception in centres with greater room for improvement, is supported through the involvement of the entire office team in order to raise the bank's levels of service quality.


Methodological support for the definition and implementation of plans and actions for quality improvement within offices. The plan:

  • Defines in detail the methodology for dealing with improving customer perception.
  • Provides advice to offices with greater room for improvement.
  • Provides points for reflection in order to analyse the aspects for improvement that need to be worked on.
  • Gathers and incorporates best practices from the leading offices on the theme of service quality.
  • Is integrated into a software tool that incorporates the above-mentioned aspects.

This methodology provides clearly positive results: the average score for offices working on this project is 8 points above the average for the bank as a whole.

The main objective consists of increasing customers' satisfaction in their relationship with the bank, with the aim of supporting the achievement of business objectives:

A satisfied customer is Bankia’s most valuable asset, because they recommend our services, they procure new products, and they are more closely connected.

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