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BankiaSMEs, Retailers & Self-Employed Customers

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One of the segments targeted for attention and support, due to its important contribution to the economy and business fabric, consist of SMEs, retailers and self-employed customers. Here, a close and continuous advisory service will be provided, as well as a distinctive offer in terms of products and services.

Bankia is consolidating its participation in wider society with the promotion and development of agreements and commercial arrangements, collaborating in the financing of small and large companies, retailers, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. A full catalogue of products and services has been defined for this purpose. These agreements aim to provide an agile and specialised response to the financial requirements of Spain's business network. At present, Bankia has entered into 85 commercial agreements with, among other entities, the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Spanish Official Credit Institute (OCI), the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, SGRs (mutual guarantee companies such as AvalMadrid, Iberaval, AvalUnión, Avalia Aragón, etc.), associations, business federations, etc.

SMEs Plan

Bankia has also supported SMEs and self-employed professionals through different agreements and cooperation arrangements, and has hosted events and fairs related to: financing, entrepreneurship, start-ups, international trade, the agrifood sector, tourism, etc.

Notable events have included the Salón MiEmpresa (MyBusiness Show), aimed at entrepreneurs and SMEs to encourage networking and sharing experiences, and Forinvest, an international exhibition for financial products and services, investments, insurance, and taxation and technological solutions, which included a contribution from José Ignacio Goirigolzarri.



Financial advice
Support, accompaniment & training
concerning office / solutions
Personalised manager A customer who identifies with their manager
doubles their level of satisfaction.
Office manager in charge of MYC portfolios
Expanding your business Offers adding value
which improve your business suitable products
& services
Distinctive offer
Self-employed customer pack
Through the self-employed customer pack
we offer products & services that help businesses to grow
Rapid access to financing Direction & security
Suitable price & product
Financing Differentiating personal and business finance
with competitive products and prices.
Giving advice and a rapid response
Financial advice Advising, postponing and offering
alternatives that result in benefits to the customer
Bankia connection for SMEs and
self-employed customers
Capturing the business activity of our customers.
Directing clients in order to complete the
programme without having to pay commission
Reducing costs Direction in order to avoid paying

Foreign Trade

The Bankia branch network has made a significant effort to support businesses that need funding in order to carry out import/export activities.


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