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The customer at the centre, segmentation and multichannel distribution are the three features that distinguish Bankia’s business model. They are the three keys to delivering a service that steadily improves in quality and adjusts to demand.

The customer is Bankia's greatest asset. The customer, whether an individual or a business, is at the centre of all the bank's financial and strategic actions. The bank sets as its fundamental goal to achieve a more lasting, satisfactory and confidence-inspiring relationship with its customers. Bankia is thus prepared to adapt, and respond appropriately, to each of its customers' needs, always serving them with a high degree of professionalism and offering a quality service that meets all the expectations generated with respect to Bankia.

Relational Quality Model

This commercial strategy is framed within a variable environment, given that customers are constantly changing the dynamics of their behaviour and constantly generate new demands. This means the bank has to develop a great capacity to listen, analyse and attend to each customer; just as each of our customers is unique, so, too, are their needs. Bankia has therefore implemented a Relational Quality Model in its retail network for individual customers. The customer, and especially his or her feelings and needs, are the focus of this new banking model. 

This process has been demonstrating, from the very outset, clear improvement in the value that branches provide to their customers and greater customer satisfaction with the bank. Other measures of interest adopted to care for our customers include the no-fee strategy and the new segmentation of branches carried out by the bank to adapt them to each customer.

90% satisfaction customers

Bankia has an 90% satisfaction rating from its customers

Another result of the concern for listening to customers and delivering the highest quality is Plan Avanza, aimed at obtaining in-depth knowledge of the customer experience. To do this, satisfaction levels are measured continuously, especially in respect of the activities that have the biggest impact on Bankia's commercial performance. This regular monitoring helps keep management processes and methods constantly under review and serves to know the customers' expectations and to what extent these are being met in their relationship with Bankia. In this regard, as may be seen in the accompanying figure, Bankia customer satisfaction is steadily trending upward.

These numbers are further backed up by the positive results of other initiatives used to measure service quality, such as the mystery shopper exercises: unannounced visits to branches by supposed customers, whose real mission is to report back on the service they receive. Mystery shopping services are provided by outside companies and the results allow comparisons to be drawn between the objective quality of different banking institutions. On this measure, Bankia grows in service quality and has a higher average among Spanish Banks.

7,76% in customer service

More than the average banking sector
Bankia has a higher score (7.76%) than the average banking sector (7.03%) in customer service, according to studies by independent firms

Customer Service Department (CSD)

These good results flow from the policy of placing the customer at the heart of what Bankia does, paying priority attention to the customers' feelings and needs in order to advance and improve our worth as a bank day by day. In this respect, another important element of the listen-to-the-customer strategy is the Customer Service Department (CSD). The CSD is an independent body which helps improve the bank's relations with the people who use its services. Amongst other functions, the CSO is shortening response times to incidents reported by users, as well as providing prompter and satisfactory solutions.

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