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Policy on Lending to Controversial Sectors:

  • One of the commitments made by the Bank is to establish criteria that nurture good banking practices.

    Toward this end it defines specific policies for industries that may have sensitive social implications, such as lending or investments in sectors that manufacture controversial weapons, violate human rights or any activities that could compromise the Bank's ethics.

    • Arms and ammunitions industry.
      The specific policies in this sector are:

      • No lending to operations or projects in which the borrower or object includes companies involved in the manufacture, distribution or sale of controversial weapons (anti-personnel mines, cluster bombs, biological or chemical weapons).
      • No lending to operations or projects of companies in the arms and ammunitions industry that are based or reside in countries involved in armed conflict or included on the list of countries subject to an arms embargo by the United Nations Security Council and the EU, non-proliferation agreements and other international obligations.
    • Human rights
      • No lending to operations or projects involving companies that have been shown to engage in human rights violations.

    Institutional Initiatives

    United Nations Global Compact: Bankia promotes and implements the 10 universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

    Financial Education Plan, launched by the CNMV and the Bank of Spain with the aim of improving the financial literacy of Spanish society, providing tools and knowledge to help people make financial decisions.

    Spainsif Platform created in Spain to promote socially responsible investment (SRI). Members include financial institutions, investment management companies, SRI service providers and non-profit organisations.

    Carbon Disclosure Project: an independent non-profit organisation that maintains the world’s biggest database of corporate information on climate change and is supported by more than 475 investors.

    Bankia is a member of Forética, a multi-stakeholder organisation that works to develop the concept of ethical and socially responsible management based on dialogue and participation by all stakeholders in decision-making forums.

    Bankia takes part in the Diversity Charter, an initiative spawned by the anti-discrimination directives of the European Union that involves a voluntary commitment to support diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace.

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