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Bankia - Our Commitment

Our Commitment

As part of its commitment to protect the environment, Bankia aims to achieve a raft of environmental objectives set forth in the 2017-2020 Climate Change and Ecoefficiency Plan.

Bankia - Collaboration with stakeholders

Collaboration with stakeholders

Environmental conservation has become a guiding principle for all Bankia staff and is included in Bankia’s Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Bankia - Tackling climate change

Tackling climate change

Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing society, and Bankia is staunchly committed to protecting our natural environment.

Bankia - Eco-efficiency


Bankia commitment to renewable energy use through efficiency projects and programmes to cut energy consumption.

Bankia - Environmental risk management

Environmental risk management

Bankia has an environmental rating tool that provides qualitative information in its task of environmental risk management.

Bankia - Management systems

Management systems

Bankia has established a Environmental Management System; the objective of this system is to reduce the impact of the bank’s activities on the environment.

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