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Environmental conservation has become a guiding principle for all Bankia staff and is included in the Code of Ethics and Conduct. The bank also voluntarily includes actions in its policies and procedures to deal with any environmental issues raised through relations and dialogue with its stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers, and by its shareholders and investors, the government and society at large.

Pursuant to its commitment to respect the environment, Bankia takes responsibility for its actions and any environmental impacts of its activities. In 2015, the bank updated its environmental policy in response to calls made by the various stakeholder groups, pledges made to protect the environment, and the new ISO 14001.

In March 2015, Bankia’s Management Committee approved the bank’s new core principles concerning its efforts with stakeholders for the benefit of the environment.

  • Results-based approach
  • Commitment
  • Engagement
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
Stakeholder Collaboration and communication Principles of the Environmental Policy
Customers Development of socially and environmentally responsible products.
Increasing the use of more sustainable tools (online banking, mobile banking and e-correspondence).
Commitment and Engagement
Employees Code of Ethics and Conduct.
Dissemination of best environmental practices for the efficient use of resources and waste management.
Online environmental training for all staff.
Integrity, Engagement and Professionalism
Shareholders and investors Given the highest possible score by the CDP in recognition of corporate transparency.
Public information on environmental initiatives.
Integrity and Results-based approach
Suppliers Transparency.
Responsible procurements and approval of environmental performance of suppliers.
Open dialogue with suppliers through specific workshops.
Involvement in projects aimed at cutting use of paper and printer cartridges (e-billing and contracts).
Engagement and Integrity
Society Tacking climate change and membership of related social initiatives (Earth Hour, A Million Climate Pledges, etc.).
Global Compact membership.
Commitment and Engagement
Government Compliance with prevailing legislation.
Certification of environmental management systems.
Involvement with projects and initiatives run by the government.
Integrity and Commitment

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