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BankiaTackling climate change

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Bank joins to global initiative RE100

Bankia is part of RE100, global initiative of major corporations committed to 100% renewable electricity; RE100 was created by The Climate Group  in partnership with CDP, as part of the We Mean Business by coalition. This initiative, along with other measures included in the environmental policy of the entity, makes Bankia stand as a pioneering and leading company in the use of clean energy in the Spanish financial sector.

Climate change is one of the greatest threats faced by society. The current situation and especially, the future of the environment on the planet is something we must all assume responsibility for. In this area, Bankia is firmly committed to protecting our natural world.

Energy Efficiency Plan

Bankia has drawn up a 2015-2019 Energy Efficiency Plan, which is at the heart of its environmental policy to safeguard the world around us. This plan covers practically all work centres including the branch network and the various corporate offices. This plan is also devised to involve all staff in protecting the environment.

The challenge taken up in the 2015-2019 Energy Efficiency Plan is to slash energy consumption (electricity, natural gas and diesel) by 19%. The bank plans to invest over 10 million euros to fulfil this goal over this period. More than 3 million euros was invested in 2015 in specific environmental protection measures: energy efficient equipment, domotics, buildings maintenance, and studies and analysis of potential improvements.

The main measures in place to complete the 2015-2019 Energy Efficiency Plan are as follows:

  • Use of green electricity.
  • Roll-out of remote management at branches and corporate offices.
  • Replacement of air conditioning equipment.
  • Specific awareness-raising campaigns in house.

Highly significant achievements in 2015 included:

  • 100% of electricity consumed by Bankia was generated using renewable energies, avoiding the emission of over 39,000 tonnes of CO2 responsible for climate change.
  • 23.11% increase in audio conferencing and multi-video conferencing, avoiding the emission of more than 350 tonnes of CO2 .
  • 20.9% reduction in fuel consumption, avoiding the emission of more than 70 tonnes of CO2 .

2015 energy efficiency plan milestones

More information on eco-efficiency

Carbon footprint

Bankia sees it as a priority to establish environmental performance indicators, including measurements of the corporate carbon footprint. The bank therefore calculates, manages and verifies its carbon footprint as part of its environmental protection drive. Further to this control, a greenhouse gas inventory is also kept to record direct and indirect emissions from the banking activity.

Each year, Bankia also completes the Global Climate Change Report questionnaire drawn up by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) to analyse its climate change strategy and management. In 2016, the bank obtained an A- Leadership score for its transparency in climate change management and for its actions to cut carbon emissions and mitigate the business risks of climate change.

And in 2015, Bankia achieved a score of 100B: the second highest among Spanish banks, and positioning it as a leader worldwide given its ranking on the CDP Climate Disclosure Leadership Index 2015 (CDLI). The bank was also given the highest possible score for its corporate transparency regarding climate change.

EMISSIONS IN 2015 (tonnes)*
Direct Scope 1 CO2 emissions from consumption of natural gas, fuels and coolant recharging 3,632.28
Indirect Scope 2 CO2 emissions from electricity consumption1 0
Indirect Scope 3 CO2 emissions from business trips2, commutes (office shuttle service and shared transport), paper and printer consumption, water consumption and waste management 5,004.83

*Information for Bankia, S.A.
1 100% of the electricity acquired was generated by renewable energy sources (green energy).
2 Emissions relating to business trips made by employees by plane, train, boat, intercity coach and leased fleet vehicles were included, as well as the emissions related to the mileage travelled by employees in their own vehicles, for work purposes.

Participation in environmental initiatives

Pursuant to its environmental protection policy, Bankia participates in the following initiatives:


Bankia acquires from renewable sources the total of the electric energy that it consumes according to its environmental policy. In this commitment to the environment, the entity has joined RE100, a global initiative where the most influential companies from all sectors of production are present and committed to 100% green energy.

The objective of the RE100 member companies is to accelerate the transformation of the global energy market and aid the transition to a low carbon economy. RE100 shares the compelling business case for renewables and works to remove barriers to the use of renewables and develop transparent reporting mechanisms.. RE100 shares the compelling business case for renewables and works to remove barriers to the use of renewables and develop transparent reporting mechanisms.

Earth Hour

Every year since 2012, the bank has joined thousands of organisations and millions of people around the world in the largest global environmental movement: Earth Hour organised by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Taking part and turning off lights at its corporate offices is another example of Bankia’s pledge to tackle climate change; it is further evidence along with the bank’s unwavering drive to cut energy consumption, minimise CO2 and use 100% renewable electricity.

Further information on Earth Hour

A million climate pledges

Through this initiative lead by Spanish environmental NGO, ECODES; the Spanish Climate Change Office; and Spain’s Biodiversity Foundation, the bank has signed a total of eight pledges to take concrete steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Bankia is not only actively involved in this initiative but also encourages its stakeholders to take part and sign their own pledges.

1,100,000 climate pledges were signed through this initiative, which were submitted by Spain’s Agriculture, Food and Environment Minister, Isabel García Tejerina, to the Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christiana Figueres, on 9 December at COP 21 in Paris.

Find out about the pledges made by Bankia  (type Bankia in the search box).

Climate Change Cluster

With a view to understanding, sharing, leading on and collaborating to tackle climate change issues, Bankia is a member of the Climate Change Cluster coordinated by Forética (Spanish representative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development).

The Cluster brings together corporations that have a climate change strategy and regularly publish performance indicators.

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