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Bankia assumes, as one of its fundamental commitments with society, the task of promoting good banking practices.

For this, the bank has defined specific policies in those sectors or activities that are potentially sensitive to society. Are under this focus investments or financing in certain weapons companies, organizations that may be involved in the violation of human rights, or any activity that may involve a violation of the fundamental rights of the individual.

The Bankia Controversial Sector Financing Policy is responsible for regulating these aspects and areas of action:

  • Arms and ammunitions industry
    Las políticas específicas en este sector son:
    • No lending to operations or projects in which the borrower or object includes companies involved in the manufacture, distribution or sale of controversial weapons (anti-personnel mines, cluster bombs, biological or chemical weapons).
    • No lending to operations or projects of companies in the arms and ammunitions industry that are based or reside in countries involved in armed conflict or included on the list of countries subject to an arms embargo by the United Nations Security Council and the EU, non-proliferation agreements and other international obligations.
  • Human Rights
    • No lending to operations or projects involving companies that have been shown to engage in human rights violations.

In addition to this, there are other Policies that regulate the behavior of the entity:

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