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BankiaSustainability indices

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Bankia es una de las 112 empresas de todo el mundo que pertenecen a la Climate A-List.

Non-financial information is becoming increasingly important to analysts and investors, as well as to regulators and the general public. It is therefore very important for them to know the assessment of Bankia’s environmental, social and governance performance, which is recognised through the bank’s inclusion in some of the world’s leading sustainability indices. For example, Bankia is a constituent of the DJSI, FTSE4Good and CDP indices.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices - Bankia

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

Bankia was first included in the DJSI in 2016. This index recognises the bank as one of the most sustainable companies on the international scene. Worldwide, only 28 banks (11 of which are European and three Spanish) are included in this index, which assesses companies’ economic, environmental and social performance.

FTSE4Good - Bankia

FTSE4Good Index

The FTSE4Good Index is an internationally recognised index, in which Bankia was included for the first time in 2016. It is designed to encourage investment in companies that manage their businesses in accordance with ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria and are the most widely recognised for their sustainability (understood as Corporate Social Responsibility) at world level.

CDP A List - Bankia

CDP Climate Change

Bankia was recognised in the CDP Europe Awards 2017, obtaining the highest score in the CDP Climate Change analysis, which assesses the participating companies’ performance in environmental and climate change matters. Only 112 companies in the world belong to the Climate A List, and Bankia is one of them.

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