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BankiaResponsible Management Plan 16-18

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PLAN Responsible Management 2016-2018

The Board of Directors of Bankia approved the 2016-2018 Responsible Management Plan in February 2016, which specifically develops the pillars of the entity's responsible management policy.


Fostering a culture of transparency and integrity is crucial to safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders

and continuing to make progress in ensuring good governance in Bankia, which has responsible management at its heart.

Areas of action

Integrate the CSR function into Bankia's governance

Promote responsible management and recognition of good governance in Bankia

Identify and manage non-financial risks

Progress in 2017

In 2017, an independent expert carried out an evaluation of the Board of Directors’ performance to ensure it is fulfilling its duties properly. The evaluation resulted in a number of suggestions or recommendations that were passed on to the members of the Board in order to draw up action plans.

In line with the recommendations of the Good Governance Code, work has continued to identify, assess, manage and control non-financial risks.

The reputational risk-focused culture has been strengthened by increasing the number of teams involved in the project. The goal is to raise awareness of the impact the actions of all staff can have on the bank’s reputation. Training sessions and workshops have also been held to provide information on the repercussions of this type of risk.

2017 milestones

Completion of annual evaluation of the Board of Directors

Definition and roll-out of map of non-financial risks


End-to-end relationships tailored to customers’ needs

The customer is Bankia’s greatest asset; that is why our objective is to provide a quality service through engagement, simplicity and transparency.

Areas of action

Adapt to the needs of customers, offering products and services that respond to their demands

Promote responsible marketing based on engagement, simplicity and transparency in the information we provide

Progress in 2017

Having drawn up the Responsible Marketing Code in 2016, setting out guidelines establishing a new way of forging customer relationships, we introduced a procedure to guarantee compliance with the code across the branch network, underpinned by specialist workshops and mentoring from area managers.

The Customer Relationship Style revolving around engagement, simplicity and transparency has led to a 90% and 95.2% improvement in customer satisfaction among retail and business customers, respectively.

2017 milestones

Development of a procedure to guarantee compliance with the Responsible Marketing Code when carrying out campaigns

Enhancement of the customer experience through an approach focusing on engagement, simplicity and transparency


We are moving forward shoulder-to-shoulder

We are working on a common project, one in which the culture of responsible management is present in every aspect of the business and where Bankia's success is everyone's success.

Areas of action

Promote values-based management

Foster diversity and equality

Progress in 2017

After drawing up the Bankia Equal Opportunities Plan to share and promote the principles of gender equality among men and women at the bank, efforts continued throughout 2017 to identify existing in-house talent in order to facilitate career development under equal opportunities criteria. This is an on-going process based on selecting candidates for management positions according to merit and their capabilities.

Through the new Management Style Guide, Bankia has introduced a corporate competencies model aimed at instilling in management a leadership approach that is shaped by the bank’s corporate values, code of ethics and conduct and responsible management principles.

Bankia’s internal communications strategy is based on active listening and reinforcement of the corporate culture. Staff can use the intranet to participate and add value through their suggestions on business processes and how to deal with customers. The strategy has spurred a 33% rise in staff involvement since 2016. A digital transformation website has also been developed to provide information on technological trends and innovation related with Bankia’s business.

2017 milestones

Increase in the number of women in management positions

A 4% increase versus 2016 in staff participation in improving processes and stakeholder relations


Listening to people, identifying the real needs in society and helping to meet them

is crucial to growing in communities that prosper, creating shared value in each and every one of the bank’s actions.

Ámbitos de actuación

Support employability

Contribute to the most pressing needs of our community

Generate a portfolio of products/services that contributes to social development and care for the environment

Progress in 2017

In July 2017, Bankia published a Socio-economic impact study, demonstrating the value the bank generates in the community and Spain’s economy as a whole through its business. The report also identifies areas for improvement where work can continue to highlight the impacts of Bankia’s activity from a socio-economic perspective.

Social investment topped 19.3 million euros in 2017, benefiting over 780,000 people. Bankia’s strategy for playing a role in and supporting social action includes four key areas of investment: housing/the new poor, employment/training, local development, and disability.

One of Bankia’s top objectives is to work tirelessly to enhance and boost the sustainability of the business. At the end of 2016, the universe of companies assessed using Socially Responsible Investment criteria was expanded, and in 2017 the scope of application of Socially Responsible Investment criteria was widened to include all employment funds.

2017 milestones

Assessment of and reporting on the socio-economic impact of the bank’s operations

Increase in social investment and the number of beneficiaries thereof

Increase in the volume of assets managed as per ESG criteria


Encourage uptake of our responsible management commitment across the supply chain

and team up with suppliers to help them adhere to best practices in ethics, social and environmental matters and forge long-term relationships.

Areas of action

Manage environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks in the supply chain

Support economic growth through management efficiency and excellence

Progress in 2017

By reducing the average period of payment to suppliers, Bankia remains committed to contributing value to the business sector. This period stood at 9.95 days in 2017, while 99.07% of invoices were settled in less than 30 days. Bankia launched its ‘Valora’ IT tool in January 2018 to handle relations with suppliers and all product and service procurements. The application can be used to manage the entire procurements process remotely and enables those divisions interested in the tendering process to evaluate bids submitted by suppliers.

Another of Bankia’s supplier-relations strategies aimed at guaranteeing management systems are fit for purposes is to conduct supplier satisfaction surveys to determine the quality of the relationship between Bankia and its suppliers and the areas where most improvements could be made to ensure commercial relations are performed as satisfactorily as possible.

2017 milestones

Reduction in payment periods to suppliers to less than 30 days

Improvement in overall supplier satisfaction


We respect the environment and care about the impact of our activity

We work proactively to reduce our environmental footprint and foster responsible attitudes among our employees, suppliers and customers.

Areas of action

Offer environmental training and awareness-raising activities to the bank's employees

Environmental management

Energy efficiency and climate change

Progress in 2017

In April 2017, the Responsible Management Committee approved the Ecoefficiency and Climate Change Plan. The plan entails implementing measures to drive up efficiency, and reduce energy and water consumption, the carbon footprint and waste generation. These efforts will be underpinned by fostering an environmentally friendly culture across the bank through training and awareness-raising.

Bankia’s environmental management system requires the bank to be dedicated to environmental sustainability and generates value through cost savings, greater efficiency and more business opportunities in markets that are increasingly committed to environmental matters. Over the last quarter of 2017, audits were completed in collaboration with the accreditation agency, AENOR, to reassess and adapt the environmental management system to ISO 14001:2015. After passing the audits, Bankia now boasts ISO 14001: 2015 certificates for its three main buildings at Pintor Sorolla, 8; Paseo de la Castellana, 189; and Las Rozas.

For the fifth straight year, Bankia renewed its commitment to obtain 100% of the electricity consumed at its facilities from renewable sources. Bankia continues to be a member of the RE100 initiative, comprising the world's most influential businesses committed to 100% green energy.

2017 milestones

Approval of the Ecoefficiency and Climate Change Plan

Renewal of ISO14001:2015 environmental certificates for buildings

100% of electricity procured from renewable energy sources

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