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BankiaResponsible Management Plan 16-18

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PLAN Responsible Management 2016-2018


A culture of transparency and integrity that safeguards the interests of all stakeholders.

We continue advancing in ensuring good governance in Bankia, encouraging responsible management and integrating it into the company's governance.

Areas of action

Integration of the CSR function into Bankia's governance.

Promoting responsible management and recognition of good governance in Bankia.

Identifying and managing non-financial risks.

Progress in 2016

In 2016 Bankia's corporate governance was strengthened in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR). New responsibilities were attributed to the Appointments Committee, changing its name accordingly to the Appointments and Responsible Management Committee.

We inaugurated the Responsible Management Blog for Directors for monthly dissemination of CSR-related contents. In addition, a workshop was organised to discuss developing trends and best practices in CSR.

In line with the recommendations of the Good Governance Code, the initiative begun in late 2015 to identify, assess, manage and control non-financial risks was continued. In July 2016 the Board of Directors approved the Manual on Reputational Risk Management Policies, and the reputational risks map was obtained to classify events according to their severity and allow active management of those that could entail larger losses for the Bank.

2016 Milestones

Creation of a Board Committee on Responsible Management.

Definition and implementation of the map of non-financial risks.

Training and awareness-raising for the Board of Directors in responsible management matters.


Comprehensive relationships tailored to customers’ requirements.

The customer is Bankia's greatest asset; that is why we offer our clients a high level of professionalism and make quality service a top priority.

Areas of action

Adaptation to the needs of customers, offering products and services that respond to their requirements.

Promoting responsible marketing based on transparency, simplicity and relevance in the information we provide.

Progress in 2016

The efforts made in 2016 contributed to defining a new way of engaging with the customer by formulating a Relationship Style, aimed at offering the best service.

We defined a Responsible Marketing Code in which Bankia employees commit to developing close, simple and transparent relationships with customers, as the key for creating lasting bonds, knowing their needs in depth and offering them the right products and services for their requirements.

The promotion of financial education was embodied in the Investment School (spanish version) and the Bankia Blog,  (spanish version) areas where investors can find information of interest to them, such as basic concepts, tools, tips for being a good shareholder, etc.

2016 Milestones

Promotion of financial education.

Definition of a decalogue on responsible marketing.


We are advancing in the same direction. We are working on a common project, one in which the culture of responsible management is present in every aspect of the business and where Bankia's success is everyone's success.

Ámbitos de actuación

Promoting values-based management.

Fostering diversity and equality.

Progress in 2016

In 2016 we published the Management Style Guide, a manual that reflects Bankia's approach to team management, a simple, direct and transparent guide for managers to use to integrate the bank's values into their day-to-day work. A total of 219 executives received Management Style training in 2016.

In addition, the Bankia Equality Plan was prepared to transmit and promote the equal-opportunity principles that govern the bank between men and women.

2016 Milestones

Committing employees to our values.

Definition and implementation of the Equality Plan.


We listen, identify and support the real needs of our community.

Bankia wants to grow in communities that prosper, creating shared value in each and every one of our actions.

Areas of action

Supporting employability.

Contributing to the most pressing needs of our community.

Generating a portfolio of products/services that contributes to social development and care for the environment.

Progress in 2016

In 2016 the bank created the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training (spanish version) as fruit of our commitment to occupational training in educational centres and businesses and as a key lever for bringing young people into the labour market.

Bankia also continues working to offer customers products and services with an environmental and social focus that responds to the needs of our community and environment.

2016 Milestones

Creation of a research and development centre for the Dual Vocational Training programme.

Design of products/services with environmental implications and/or social focus.


We help extend our responsible management commitment across the supply chain.

We team up with our suppliers to follow the best practices in ethics, social and environmental matters and forge long-term relationships.

Areas of action

Managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks in the supply chain.

Supporting economic growth through management efficiency and excellence.

Progress in 2016

In 2016, UNE Standard 15896 on Value Added Purchasing Management was renewed. That norm establishes a quality standard that generates value for compliant businesses, ensures respect for environmental and ethical principles of sustainability, and minimises risks.

The Supplier Portal was strengthened, incorporating mandatory social and environmental information. At year-end 2016, Bankia had 1,412 suppliers certified to our CSR standards.

One milestone event in 2016 was the First Day of the Supplier with an attendance of over 300.

2016 Milestones

Renewal of UNE 15896 Purchasing Standard.

Mapping of supply chain risks.

Workshops for raising supplier awareness of ethical, social and environmental issues.


We respect the environment and take responsibility for the impact of our activity.

We work proactively to reduce our environmental footprint and foster responsible attitudes in our employees, suppliers and customers.

Areas of action

Environmental training and awareness-for the bank's employees.

Environmental management

Energy efficiency and climate change.

Progress in 2016

In 2016 the Individual Training Plan for 9,722 employees included an online course in environmental management, with a total of 4,221 hours of training.

Employees were also actively engaged by disseminating good environmental practices and news items on the Bankia Blog and the Bankia.com corporate portal, and by creating in-house participatory forums.

During 2016 implementation continued of the Energy Efficiency Plan 2015-2019. 121 offices now have energy remote management systems and a total of 485 climate-control systems were replaced in the commercial network.

For the fourth straight year Bankia renewed its commitment to have 100% of the electricity that is consumed in our facilities generated from renewable sources. Along these lines, it reaffirmed its endorsement of the RE100 initiative, comprising the world's most influential businesses committed to 100% green energy.

2016 Milestones

Environmental awareness-raising campaigns for employees.

100% of electric energy acquired generated from renewable energy sources.

Implementation of energy efficiency measures according to Energy Efficiency Plan 2015-2019.

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