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BankiaCorporate sponsorship

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Besides its strictly social activities, Bankia is also involved in sponsoring other activities that help improve its social environment, on the level of culture, sport and business.

The bank provides a series of corporate sponsorships to help these groups, which include the following:

Bankia Symphony Orchestra (OSB)

The goals of this new project launched in 2015 are to discover new musical talent, recognise dedication and hard work, offer continuous training, and help the most talented young instrumentalists who have completed their formal training to find employment. Bankia launched the OSB as a professional music group to promote youth employment through its programme of activities, as well as its artistic and social goals thanks to the outstanding talent of its members, bringing the universal language of music to the whole of Spanish society. In 2015, two series of concerts were held in Valencia, Peñíscola, Alicante, Ávila and Madrid. In its second year of life, the orchestra played three series of concerts in Toledo, Valladolid, Salamanca, Zaragoza, Barcelona, Alicante and Valencia, with attendance of more than 5,000 people.

Bankia Escolta València

Bankia Escolta Valencia is a program to promote musical education and combat early school leaving through the use of traditional music bands. It is primarily implemented by awarding grants to music school students in the Region of Valencia. In 2015, a total of 1,289 people received a total of €531,900 in grants. A concert paying tribute to Valencian musicians was also given as part of this program. In 2016 this programme published its third call for grants and launched the first edition of the Valencian Community’s Competition for Orchestras. Bankia also sponsored the Bankia-Las Provincias Musical Campus, aimed at training a large band of young artists.

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Grass Roots Sport

Bankia provides sports sponsorship that has nothing to do with supporting premier teams in mainstream sports. Instead, these initiatives are designed to promote sports training and practice among children. More than 1,000 boys and girls benefit from this sponsorship through the Club de Baloncesto the Gran Canaria Basketball Club (Las Palmas), the Puente Romanillos Athletics Club (Ávila) and the Sala Futsal Football Club (Segovia) and the Sala Futsal Football Club Sala Haría (Lanzarote). In 2016 the bank reached an agreement with the Valencia Basket basketball club to inculcate the values of a culture of effort among young people through various social programmes. Also in 2016, for the third season, Bankia sponsored Valencian pilota, the first sport to be declared an Intangible Heritage Asset by the Valencian government, practised throughout the three provinces of the Valencian Community.

Andalusian Prizes of the Future

Training grants are awarded to young people in Andalusia that excel in science, sport, social action, business and culture. These grants are organised in collaboration with Grupo Joly.

Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia

Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia The digitisation, innovation and internationalization of the companies are very present areas in the ideology of Bankia. During 2016, Bankia and Innsomnia launched Spain’s first fintech incubator and accelerator, called Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia and based in Valencia.

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Bankia Accelerator by Conector

Bankia Accelerator by Conector Together with Conector, the bank launched Bankia Accelerator by Conector, a programme to help and promote innovative startups that aspire to have a social impact. With this project, Bankia helps the digitisation, innovation and internationalization of the companies.

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Young Talent Awards

This initiative has also been running for three years. It is carried out in collaboration with the ‘Levante’ newspaper and recognises young people in the Valencia Region that excel in science, sports, social action, business and culture.

Venero Claro Summer Camps

An agreement was reached with Fundación Caja de Avila to provide grants to more than 400 boys and girls that had demonstrated special effort at school, so that they could attend these summer camps in Avila..

Las Edades del Hombre

Bankia - Reconciliare - Edades del Hombre Bankia renews its commitment to the promotion of culture and the preservation of the historical heritage through sponsorship of the 22nd “Las Edades del Hombre” exhibition. This year’s exhibition, under the name “Reconciliare”, runs from April to November in the medieval town of Cuéllar (which was declared an historical area in 1994) in the province of Segovia. Apart from showcasing the town’s Mudejar heritage, the event will also highlight the need for reconciliation in the world today. The exhibition spaces are in the churches of San Andrés, San Martín and San Esteban.

The 11th annual “Las Edades del Hombre” exhibition was dedicated to water and was held in Toro (Zamora). The exhibition consisted of 139 works and was visited by around 250,000 people.

And, during 2015, the exhibition went on display in four churches in Ávila and Alba de Tormes. Some 402,352 people took the opportunity to visit it over nearly eight months. It was the most visited and participated cultural event of the year in Castilla y León.

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