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Some €1.25 million has been distributed among 47 NGOs across Spain, helping 8,400 people with disabilities during 2015.

Bankia is firmly committed to supporting people with disabilities, allocating all of its investment in this social action area to projects that improve employability and labour market integration.

During 2015, a total of 47 organisations from 15 provinces received €1.25 million from the bank to improve the employment prospects of more than 8,400 people with sensory, physical or intellectual disabilities or mental disorders.

These projects included providing work in the agricultural and gardening industries, university education for people with intellectual disabilities, intermediation services and career guidance, an occupational centre specialising in textiles and normalised employment with extra support, among others.

Bankia has permanent volunteers that attend training sessions for people with disabilities, such as those provided by Fundación Randstad, Asprodema, Fundación Integra and Fundación Adecco.

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