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Dual education

Committed to young people
Bankia is the first Spanish financial institution to promote a high-quality vocational education and internship program as part of its commitment to education and youth employment.

Vocational education consists of a series of training actions that prepare young people to carry out skilled work in various professions, facilitate access to employment and encourage active participation in social, cultural and economic life. This training is therefore a fundamental part of improving youth employment figures.

The Dual Training model allows students to alternate their learning between the educational centre and the company, which are jointly responsible for the student's curriculum, training process and final evaluation. This allows these future professionals to acquire skills and experience genuinely sought by the labour market, improving their employment prospects.

As part of its commitment to education and youth employment, Bankia provides high-quality dual training as a model that enables young people to find skilled work. This model helps to connect the worlds of education and business, adapting curriculums to the real needs of the market; it instils a culture of social responsibility and mentoring in companies; it solves the problem of ongoing technological learning required by many professions; and it acts as a lever for transforming the educational system.

Bankia Foundation for Dual Education

Over the last four years this commitment to dual training has been realised through various initiatives, projects and agreements with different regional governments, and in 2016 it took on an institutional format with the creation of the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training, which primarily seeks to achieve the following:

  • Encourage, promote and publicise dual training in order to increase its social value as a driver for improving employability (especially among young people), competitiveness and transforming the production sector.
  • Collaboration in implementing dual training in the education system, in partnership with public administrations, education centres, companies and business associations, as well as other institutions and social agents.
  • Promote research and innovation in the area of dual training, generating knowledge that will help to implement new projects and the pilot schemes that develop them.
  • Professional, academic and personal guidance for young people and other groups searching for employment while promoting entrepreneurship.

The projects carried out by the Foundation include Bankia's own pioneering initiative. Bankia is the first Spanish financial institution to provide a dual training program, which offers 100 students from two different academic years of the Higher Course in Administration and Finance the opportunity to train as financial institution account managers.

The Bankia Foundation for Dual Training is also developing projects in the areas of digital skills and entrepreneurship, bio-health research and foreign trade. It works with regional governments to prepare smart productive sector specialisation strategies and has launched the DUAL+ Centre for Knowledge and Innovation in collaboration with the Bertelsmann Foundation. This Centre is intended to create opportunities for analysis and to put in place agreements for projects related to advanced vocational training and dual training projects in sectors with high growth and employment potential.

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