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4,700 people

Social Action
More than 4,700 people promotion and entry to work programmes in the programs promoted by Bankia during 2016

The bank has a Social Action credit line to help people who face difficulties in entering the labour market to find employment or start their own business. The bank’s main programmes are aimed at providing employment support for people over the age of 45 and young people looking for their first job opportunity. In 2016, these social programmes benefited more than 4,700 people.

In collaboration with the Cruz Roja and Caritas, Bankia is carrying out a number of highly practical social programmes to help people start their own business and train in the professions that are most in demand in companies today.

Another employment-related social responsibility initiative involves helping customers and their family members who are currently unemployed. In collaboration with Fundación Randstad and Randstad Outplacement, the bank runs a training and active employment search programme, with 34.4% placement success.

Financing for entrepreneurs

During 2016, Bankia gave the go-ahead for the startup of the microfinance company Oportunitas, an innovative project focused on helping entrepreneurs who are having difficulty in obtaining funding. In 2016, 16 financing transactions were completed for a total of 139,800 euros.

In 2016, an experimental programme, called “Ideas que Alimentan” (“Ideas that Feed”), was launched, with a call for applications from vocational training students in the Autonomous Community of Castilla-La Mancha. The aim is to develop proposals that will help create employment in the rural environment and in agrifood companies.

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