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A total of 898 customers have participated in the Employment Support Plan, of which 45% have found work.

The bank has a social action line for people that are struggling to join the labour market, to help them find employment or start up small businesses. The bank’s main programs are designed to help people over the age of 45 find work and young people to look for their first job opportunity.

Bankia is carrying out a series of highly practical social programs in collaboration with the Red Cross and Cáritas to help people become more entrepreneurial and to train them in business-related occupations that are currently in demand. In 2015, the bank allocated €1.2 million to 55 training initiatives that benefited 3,773 people. Furthermore, specific programs were carried out in the Region of Madrid and the Region of Valencia for especially vulnerable groups such as female victims of gender violence, released prisoners (in collaboration with Fundación Integra) and young people at risk of exclusion (in collaboration with Fundación Norte Joven).

Another initiative related to social responsibility and employment is helping unemployed Bankia customers. The bank works with Randstad Servicios and Fundación Randstad to provide a training and active job search programme that has helped more than 1,000 customers, with a job reassignment success rate of 45.5%.

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