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BankiaHousing and new poverty

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Bankia’s support for housing is one of its fundamental social action lines and it approaches this issue in various ways, from social rental housing for families with financial difficulties through to job search and accompaniment programs. It used the following three approaches:

  • It forms part of the Social Housing Fund created in 2013 from properties provided by the banks as a way of providing assistance through reduced rental rates to the most vulnerable families. In 2016 a total of 2,094 social rent contracts were signed. Currently, at 31 December 2016, Bankia provides 2,379 properties to the Found. 
  • Agreements with NGOs to accompany families and individuals requiring social rental housing. The bank has signed agreements with Tengo Hogar, Cáritas and Fundación Randstad. These NGOs help families to manage their housing applications, obtain supplementary social benefits and look for suitable job search and guidance programmes as well as schooling for their children, among other social actions.
  • Agreements with regional governments to speed up rental housing procedures and applications. Bankia has agreements with regional governments in Canarias, Cataluña, the Valencia Region and La Rioja.

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