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BankiaLocal and rural development

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One of Bankia’s social investment priorities is to distribute its contributions as widely as possible among different projects across Spain. The focus is on helping to develop areas that are home to the bank’s customers and to promote activity, assistance and employment in depopulated regions. All of this forms part of Bankia’s local and rural development action line carried out in collaboration with 426 associations and foundations in different provinces.

Bankia tries to involve a large number of groups and stakeholders in these projects, including:


Bankia has organised aid programs designed to improve the employability of the most vulnerable people, allocating more than €2.2 million to these initiatives. These funds were channelled through the Montemadrid, Caja Rioja, Caja Ávila, Caja Segovia, Bancaja, Caja Canarias, Caja Castellón and e Iluro foundations. Some 312 associations benefited from this financial support.

  • In Madrid, with Fundación Montemadrid (78 projects).
  • In the Valencian Community, with Fundación Bancaja (57) and with Fundación Caja Castellón (41).
  • In Castilla y León, with Fundación Caja de Ávila (41) and Fundación Caja Segovia (50).
  • In the Canaries, with Fundación CajaCanarias (27).
  • In La Rioja, with Fundación Caja Rioja (23).
  • In Catalonia grants will be offered in 2017 with Fundación Iluro.
Fundación Caja Rioja Fundación Caja de Ávila Fundación Caja Rural de Segovia
Fundación Bancaja Fundación Caja Canarias Fundación Caixa Castello Fundació Iluro - Bankia

Young People

Bankia’s social action also seeks to involve young people, which led to the creation of “Historias en Red”, a program for young people that promotes youth volunteering and supports charitable initiatives. The goal is to create teams that come together to implement an idea supporting an NGO, foundation or non-profit association. The most original projects –those that manage to engage with their area of influence or promote their initiative the best– receive a donation towards the social project that they support. More than €100,000 has been donated to date, benefiting 5,000 people.

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