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One of the hallmarks of Bankia’s social action is the involvement of the 14,000 people that make up the company and that make it possible for the bank to leave a social footprint, enabling it to listen to and recognise the causes that concern its staff the most. The company’s professionals take part in selecting more than 250 worthy and heartfelt social projects through the Solidarity Network and the “Propose your Project” initiative.

Solidarity Network combines the bank’s social action with the ability of its branches to achieve their commercial objectives. Some 450 NGO projects have been supported in more than 150 municipalities, directly benefiting 150,000 people.

The “Propose your Project” initiative is another program aimed at Bankia’s staff who volunteer with an NGO. It enables them to submit their charitable initiatives and –depending on the number of votes received from the rest of their colleagues– they receive financial support for the project carried out by their NGO.

The involvement of the bank’s staff is also a key element in its volunteering days and other symbolic programs such as “Contigo Dos Pueden Ser Cuatro” (Two can be Four with You), through which the bank matches the value of any donations made by its staff to food banks in Spain, or “Correr con Doble Meta” (Run for a Dual Purpose), in which Bankia converts the number of kilometres run by its professionals in official races into euros.

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