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Bankia integrates into our policies and procedures the social and environmental concerns that are voiced in relations and dialogue with stakeholders and with our employees, through the different channels of dialogue. We also take responsibility for the consequences and impacts of our actions.


Striving to provide a top-notch, efficient service is essential for Bankia. It achieves this by exhaustively monitoring the commercial network and the solutions it offers, allowing it to enhance the experience of retail and business customers alike.


Ongoing training and discovery of talent are fundamental, not just for employees to satisfy their legitimate aspirations to successfully pursue their professional careers in Bankia, but also to pave the bank's way to excellence.


As laid down in Bankia’s Code of Ethics and Conduct, relations with suppliers are based on mutual benefit, loyalty and honesty, transparency and equal opportunities, confidentiality and corporate social responsibility.

Shareholders and investors

As Bankia’s owners, shareholders are entitled to receive a competitive return on their investments and to have appropriate mechanisms for communicating with the bank.


Bankia’s investment in this area is primarily earmarked for projects answering the needs of the most vulnerable members of society: housing, emerging poverty, employability, local and rural development and disability. Bankia also sponsors various specific projects that bear out its commitment to society.


The rollout of remote energy management in offices and IT equipment, the replacement of climate control units and internal awareness-raising campaigns are crucial elements of the energy efficiency plan, which has a budget of over ten million euros.

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