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Bankia integrates the social and environment concerns that are voiced in relations and dialogue with our stakeholders into our policies and procedures. We also take responsibility for the consequences and impacts of our actions.

CUSTOMERS  - Letters and emails from the Chairman
 - Branch network
 - Customer service office
 - Social network
 - Monthly "Bankia Actualidad" newsletter
 - Corporate website
 - Surveys and interviews
 - Ad hoc seminars and event days
 - Confidential whistleblowing channel
 - Focus group
 - General Shareholder's Meeting
 - Branch network
 - Road shows
 - International conferences
 - Shareholder's Office
 - Corporate websites
 - Newsletter of the shareholders and investors information service
 - Focus group
 - Corporate reports
EMPLOYEES  - People managers
 - Intranet
 - Online forums
 - Focus group
 - 'Bankia Online' magazine
 - 'Bankia en 30 segundos' weekly newsletter
 - HR People line
 - Seminars and event days
 - Corporate websites
 - Confidential whistleblowing channel
SUPPLIERS  - Supplier portal
 - Supplier care service
 - Specialised strategic suplier manager
 - Satisfaction surveys goberning
 - Corporate websites
 - Confidential whistleblowing channel
 - Focus group
SOCIETY  - Branch network
 - 'Bankia Actualidad' newsletter
 - CSR Mailbox
 - Volunteers' portal
 - Social networks
 - Corporate websites
 - Annual report
GOVERNING BODIES  - Internal and external workshops
 - Meetings with staff
 - Emails from the chairman

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