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Key Information


Clear conditions

Simplifying the catalogue of products

During 2014, Bankia consolidated the implementation of an important project to improve commercial advice and accessibility to financial services: the simplification of contracts, reflecting the Bankia corporate values that are most focused on the customer, with the main objective of providing transparency and clarity.

The result of this project, arising from actively listening to our offices and customers, is an improvement in the experience of procuring services from Bankia: a more accessible wording, with less paperwork and fewer signatures required.


Key information 

  • New contracting model: Service Provision Contract (SPC) + Contract containing Special Conditions (SC) de Condiciones Particulares CP.
  • Custom Bankia font, with a larger size.
  • Clearer, standardised layout.
  • Extension to all products & services.
  • Generates trust from customers and greater efficiency in the commercial process.
  • Annual saving of 1.2 million pages.
  • Benchmark contracting model for the sector.

Customer engagement

In order to strengthen efforts to improve listening and improve contracting processes, a number of initiatives are currently underway with customers (focus groups, surveys, ...). Prior to the launch of a product or the implementation of a promotion or commercial activity, these initiatives include a pre-test and incorporate improvements/suggestions to this once the actual requirements have been expressed by the customer to the bank.

Through customers' suggestions a range of improvement initiatives were identified, relating to marketing and customer communication processes. In 2015, Bankia will implement a process to optimise communication channels. This will allow the continuous improvement of media and support tools, aligned with the requirements expressed by customers (such as, for example, an increased use of email).

Customer support service

Bankia's Customer Support Service (CSS) is born with the aim of promoting good relationships between the bank and its customers, attempting to maintain their trust and offering them a suitable level of protection through servicing and resolution of their claims and complaints in the most satisfactory manner possible.

This is a service run independently of the Bankia Group's operational and commercial bodies, with the main function of verifying whether activities subject to complaint have been carried out in accordance with what has been agreed in documentation, in compliance with current legislation as well as good use and good banking practices.

Bankia has a safeguard mechanism for customers, as well as complaint forms from both the bank itself and the financial oversight bodies —the Bank of Spain, the Spanish Securities Exchange Commission (CNMV), and the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds— available from the commercial network.

Policy on communication and advertising

In order to strengthen communication with our customers, Bankia has a firm commitment to fulfilment and application of the principles and standards that govern the advertising activity of banking entities.

All commercial communications issued by the bank are in line with the values of truthfulness, objectivity, faithfulness and honesty. Bankia’s commitment to the aforementioned values is reflected through: :

  1. The existence of a customer commercial communication policy, approved by the Board of Directors, which contains the principles, criteria and compulsory standards involved in the process of creating and launching advertising for the bank.
  2. Bankia is affiliated with Autocontrol, an independent association for the self-regulation of advertising.


Bankia's distribution network is made up of a network of closely-connected branches and offices, a complementary agency network (notably containing the Mapfre network) which constitutes a competitive advantage for the bank, and a multi-channel distribution network (including self-service, internet, Mobile Banking and Telephone Banking facilities).

Bankia has a structure of regional headquarters, which allows closer links to be created with customers. This structure includes 10 regional headquarters, distributed throughout 105 area management bases, each of which manages around twenty offices.

The Bankia Retail Network's network of offices is made up of 1,937 universal and agile branches.


'Whenever you like' Plan

Bankia places technology at the service of customers. In this respect, the Cuando Quieras (Whenever you like) Plan, focused on multi-channel availability, has been in development since 2013. The objectives of this Plan are:

  • Freeing up employees from transaction-based responsibilities, so that they may instead devote their time to business activities that have greater commercial value.
  • Adopting a proactive attitude, and informing customers about how they can make better use of all of the channels.
  • Improving customers' perception of the experience that they have with the bank.

The main objective is to encourage the use of the following channels and operations:

  • ATMs: updating/renewing savings and cheque books and making deposits, withdrawals, transfers, assignments, and bill payments.
  • Internet Office: performing queries and instructing transfers, assignments, and bill payments.
  • Mobile Office: performing queries and instructing transfers, assignments, and bill payments.
  • Telephone Office: performing queries and instructing transfers, assignments, and bill payments. These operations can be instructed at any time, without the need to wait, from wherever the customer happens to be.

Comprehensive ATM Plan

The fleet of ATMs is currently undergoing renovation, with the aim of equipping them with the maximum number of functionalities available in the market (online cash deposits, bill payments with change return including coins, contactless payment operations, etc.) All the ATMs have larger touch screens, which improves their usability. In addition, physical security measures (anti-copying mechanisms) have been strengthened in the fight against fraud which Bankia is carrying out through its process of continuous improvement.


Comprehensive ATM Plan

ATMs are an integral point of service for our customers.

  • Over €100m invested.
  • 2,346 new devices installed.
  • Over 14 million operations performed using ATMs from the Whenever you like plan's network.

Bankia internet & telephone banking

In 2014, the new Business Internet Office was launched, with global improvements in terms of technology, design and browsing quality, and the introduction of a new interface adapted to the customer—a standardised, modern and practical appearance— and navigation centred on the product.


Bankia mobile office

From the mobile office, customers can instruct the majority of banking operations available to the internet office, at any time and from any location.

  • Ordering transfers.
  • Transferring card balances to accounts.
  • Mobile phone top-ups.
  • Making payments to investment and pension funds.
  • Consulting, downloading and saving electronic correspondence.
  • Financing operations through the Finanexpress service.


  • Customers: 4,425,488
  • Transactions: 40,110,854


  • Customers: 3,983,055
  • Transactions:1,126,023,743


  • Customers:762,306
  • Transactions: 568,230,019

Presence in sparsely-populated areas

Bankia is strengthening customer accessibility to its financial services, with alternative solutions to the physical office offered through ofibuses (mobile offices) and relocated ATMs in areas where there are no offices due to their being outside of our traditional network or being difficult to access.

Percetage of towns with branches


Number of branches and ATMs in sparsely-poulated areas

 <2,000  3.96%
 <=5,000  4.78%
 <=10,000  6.07%
 <=20,000  5.30%
 <=50,000  10.44%
 <=100,000  11.73%
 <=500,000  23.35%
 >500,000  34.36%

Number of Mobile Offices

 LA RIOJA  2  46
 GRAND TOTAL  11  322

Security and data protection

One of Bankia's utmost priorities is the protection of information on our customers. In order to ensure this, high standards of security are used in our applications and systems, and the most advanced methods of protection have been put in place in order to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the information.

  • All information transmitted between customers' PCs, mobile devices, tablets and proprietary Bankia applications and systems through the internet uses SSL 128-bit protocol. This encryption prevents third parties from accessing these flows of information.
  • Use of a digital certificate issued by VeriSign, an international certification organisation, which guarantees that customers are being connected to Bankia.
  • Our computer systems are protected externally by a system of firewalls and anti-virus & anti-intrusion programmes which prevent any kind of attack and insulate applications.
  • We carry out continuous monitoring of all applications, with immediate follow-up on any incidents affecting our internet service.
  • All stored information is physically protected by maximum security measures, with periodic back-up copies made in order to guarantee the custody of this information.

In addition to all of this, due to the changing technological environment in which we operate, we are in a permanent process of developing our physical, information and logical security techniques.

Secure payment via Internet

With the aim of enhancing the level of security of online shopping with Bankia cards, the Bank provides its customers free of charge with an Authentication Service for purchases from safe online merchants.

Every time a Bankia cardholder operates on a secure commerce site on the Internet, identified by "Verified by VISA" or "MasterCard SecureCode", the system will request the user's authentication in order to validate the transaction.

To make online shopping easier and safer, Bankia has participated in launching the iupay service, a new payment system that allows cardholders to store their cards in a virtual wallet and make digital purchases on the Internet, by selecting the card they wish to use but without having to send private data to the online merchant.

As there is no need to display the number of the card used, iupay gives the user greater security. And the system is quick, free and easy to use.

Mobile alert service

With this service, customers can receive an SMS alert on their banking transactions such as account movements, card payments, investment funds, etc.

It is a flexible service that allows users to select the type and timing of the alerts they receive as best suits their needs and preferences.

Personal Data

The Customers filing system controlled by Bankia S.A. is subject to all security measures and has been duly registered with Spanish Data Protection Agency. In any event, customers are always and at any time entitled to exercise their rights of access, cancellation, objection and rectification at the e-mail address protecciondedatos@bankia.com or at Apartado de Correos nº 61076 - Madrid 28080, citing the reference "LOPD-derechos ARCO".

Products and services with social and environmental characteristics

Products targeting specific objectives and demographics 
Category Product Customer
Individual customers Adaptations for consumption Physical 
Absorbing and refinancing loans for customers who are unable to pay in the face of consumer debt commitments
Money transfers for immigrants Physical persons
who are inmigrants
Money transfer for the purposes of helping families in their country of origin
Payment methods NGO Cards* Physical 
Debit or credit cards to enable owner contributions to charitable associations and foundations equal to a percentage of the net commission earned from their use in transactions
Down's Syndrome Business Card Self-employed professionals, retailers, SMEs and businesses Bankia will transfer a percentage of income earned from service fees and the use of this card in stores, so that businesses can collaborate without any additional cost or effort
`Here & There´Debit & Pre-Payment Card Physical persons
who are inmigrants
This offers solutions and facilities in the sending of money by immigrants in Spain who wish to transfer funds to family members in their country of origin
Young Person's Affinitty ID Card Physical persons: young people/children The advantages of the Young Person's ID Card and a debit card offered in a single card, with a simple fee for the Young Person's ID Card (Canary Islands, Valencian Community and Castile & León)
Financing Agro-Finance Physical and legal persons carrying out agriculture and fishing-related activities Credit for the farming, livestock and fisheries sector, in anticipation of Common Agricultural Policy grants and subsidies. Loans for investment and purchasing, adaptation of land, and repair & renovation of machinery
Official Credit Institute lines of credit Self-employed professionals, SMEs, businesses, public & private entities (Foundations and charities) Credit for businesses, SMEs and specific sectors in the area of businesses and entrepreneurs, innovation and technology, and for international expansion
European Investment Bank line of credit Self-employed professionals, SMEs and mid-caps Financing of business projects carried out in Spain and in the EU by these kinds of business and self-employed professionals. Projects from certain sectors, such as military production, real estate developments, gambling, and production & marketing of tobacco, among others, are not allowed to take advantage of this Line of credit.
Home Refinancing Physical 
Mortgage adjustments, accommodation for and protection of mortgage debtors who are unable to pay (Royal Decree 6/2012)
Business Refinancing Self-employed professionals, retailers, SMEs and businesses Adjustment of unsustainable debts and accommodation of fee-free business activities
Consumption Young Persons' Credit Physical persons: young people/children Universal personal consumer loan (studies, purchasing furniture, buying a car, etc.) for customers aged 18-30
Insurance Agricultural Insurance Physical and legal persons carrying out agriculture and fishing-related activities Coverage for activities related to the farming, livestock and fishing sector, and activities related to this sector
Insurance for Solar Power facilities SMEs and businesses Coverage for damages caused by assembly errors, material damages, civil liability and loss of income due to a lack of sunlight (hours and intensity)
Medical Insurance for Modular Health Care Physical 
Accessibility to health care and private treatment. Choice of tailored insurance that offers independent or joint guarantees based on each requirement
Asset management Pioneer Funds-Global Ecology Physical and legal persons Investment in shares of companies exclusively focused on sustainable development (alternative energy sources, recycling ,water treatment and sanitation, biotechnology, etc.)
Services Transferens to charities Physical and legal persons Fee-free transfers to identified organisations with a social-charitable function (http://www.bankia.es/es/servicios/transferencias-a-ong)
Internet-based correspondence Physical 
Allows the customer to access correspondence on their products and services in a digital format (pdf) via Internet Office and Mobile Office
Supplier payments service Self-employed professionals, retailers, SMEs and businesses Service focused on customer payments to their suppliers. Agility in processing payments, reducing costs, control and security
Service for Processing Non-Residency Certificates Physical persons
who are inmigrants
Processing necessary in order to obtain the Certificate of Non-Residency (initial request and renewal)

*NGO cards as at 31/12/2014

In all, 423 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) belonged to the programme in 2014 (7 for the personal NGO card: Unicef, Acnur, the Red Cross, Action Against Hunger, Ayuda en Acción, Manos Unidas, Medicus Mundi and 416 NGOs and charities affiliated to the generic NGO card).


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