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Information and Profile





2014 was a very active year in personnel management for a number of reasons: continuation of the existing ERE, with fundamental restructuring of central services even though departures have occurred in the commercial network due to sizing (Madrid and Eastern Spain) which involved the discharge of 509 members of staff; the implementation of new commercial models (Agile Branches); allocations to new organisational structures, etc.

All of this also involved changes in career paths for more than 3,700 employees within the organisation, in each case aiming to find the appropriate fit between the employee and their position, with special attention paid to the coverage of management positions.

Talent management & developement

The bank's current Talent Model was applied in order to provide access to management functions. This is the basis for decisions concerning development management and career paths. On the basis of this model, and in a departure from previous years, more than 250 appointments were made in both the commercial network and in central services (17 office assistant managers, 152 office managers, 7 new area managers, and more than 82 central services managers), which demonstrates a change in trend aimed at encouraging the advancement of professional careers and staff development.

The Personnel department has launched a number of actions aimed at supporting and accompanying the professional development of employees with potential, as well as accelerating the career of members of staff who have been identified as talented.

The Talent Management Model has been revised, based on values, skills and differential abilities, and supported by professionalism, commitment and aspirations. With the aim of ensuring a standard approach to applying the model for evaluation and development of talent & potential, specific training was carried out, aimed at the entire team of personnel managers.

The talent identification Phase was launched in the commercial network in Q1 2014, and in central services at the beginning of Q2. This process is being orchestrated through various individual interviews.

Within the talent management framework, and as one of Bankia's transformation projects, the Personnel department has also begun designing a range of initiatives focused on the development of talented professionals within the organisation:

Management skills developement programmes

In October 2014, four development programmes were carried out involving talent managers from the commercial network and central services. In total, 59 employees from the bank participated in these.

During these sessions, the aims were:

  • To reflect on the development of skills, enabling a broad vision of skill levels in relation to critical behaviours in management roles.
  • To exercise this critical behaviour, offering learning-based situations that allow this to be done.
  • To structure an Individual Development Plan (IDP) with the aim of developing skills and behaviours needed for an improved performance and greater leadership. The participants are supported by a coach in order to ensure their IDP is implemented and achieved.

At the beginning of 2015 it was planned for two additional development programmes to be undertaken, with another 30 managers from the commercial network and central services participating therein.

Career development plans

These allow talented employees to develop their careers and accelerate towards benchmark positions, while at the same time, consideration is given in respect of the current and future needs of the organisation.

These plans include actions such as: secondments in a range of areas within the bank, the possibility of participating in strategic and/or cross-cutting projects, development programmes, coaching, mentoring, etc.

The Career Development Plans (CDPs) include a high level of involvement from employees as well as from the organisation, which works with employees and helps their professional improvement and development.

12 Career Development Plans were launched between November and December 2014. During the first half of 2015, it is expected that a total of 50 CDPs will be launched.


During the second half of 2014, the Bankia Mentoring Programme was configured, with more than 30 mentors and their corresponding mentees due to participate therein.

The first programme is expected to last for eighteen months (from Q1 2015 until mid-2016).

In December 2014, the project's first workshop was held. At the beginning of 2015 the corresponding workshops with mentors and mentees took place, prior to the start of mentoring sessions.

Talent academy

In 2014 the bank consolidated the "Cantera de Talento" ("Talent Academy") programme in order to identify young candidates with the aim of training them for positions in the organisation that require a greater level of specialisation and which, due to their nature, mean that an internal search for candidates is more complicated (Capital Markets, Treasury, Corporate Banking, Private Banking, etc.). In 2014, seven employees were involved in this project, with this total due to rise to eight in 2015.

This initiative will become an extensive one during 2015 in Corporate Technology and Operations Management, for positions that are particularly difficult to fill.


The training plan is focused on advancing employees' key skills, synchronising the training activities with the bank's priorities, and adding processes for measuring the impact of skill transfer on business results.

Training for Office Managers is ongoing, having begun in mid-2013, with the goal of working on the key principles for management of the business and the commercial team.

The Area Manager Itinerary, which has been worked on with all area managers for more than eight months, is also being launched with the aim of providing and consolidating skills in order to produce better business results and strengthen the commercial system and management of the profit and loss account and of employees.

In addition, there are a series of training actions aimed at:

  • Promoting the management of SME customers, encouraging advised sales within this customer segment. Training actions have also been implemented for the development of commercial and risk management skills for staff from the retail and business network.
  • Implementing a specific training plan associated with the technological change in the Office Desktop environment, aimed at the whole of the commercial network, where different methodologies have been combined with the aim of ensuring a rapid and efficient distribution of training.
  • Training on areas such as profit & loss account management, foreign trade, operational management, or even on the different aspects covering established regulatory requirements, such as, for example, insurance regulations, anti-money laundering measures or the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).


Employee Health & Safety

Bankia promotes a working environment based on the health and safety of its employees, through the development of a coherent and coordinated policy on the prevention of occupational risks.

The scope of the Prevention Management System includes all activities aimed at anticipating, eliminating or minimising occupational risks. In order to carry these out, the annual scheduling of preventative activities is drawn up, following its approval from the State Committee for Health & Safety.

There are a number of agreements signed between management and employees' representatives on the improvement of working conditions. The action protocols for dealing with situations involving external violence or robbery are executed in a coordinated and immediate fashion in order to provide employees with support and help.

Preventative campaigns are maintained, aimed at promoting health and cooperative actions with the Spanish Association Against Cancer. These aim to raise awareness and provide information to all members of the organisation. Blood donation campaigns have also been run in cooperation with the specific public bodies.

Employee Support Service(SAE)

Servicio de Atención al EmpleadoBankia has developed a service to offer employees the organisation’s backing through professional help and personal support in situations where they may be involved in legal proceedings or situations with customers arising during the course of their work that have personal implications.

Family Plan

Through this programme, in cooperation with the ADECCO Foundation, children of Bankia employees with a disability are offered advice, guidance and the implementation of a personalised support plan in order to provide the resources necessary for their integration into society and into the job market.

The Family Plan is directed at children and adults because its mission is to develop, from a young age, the skills and abilities that allow people with a disability to become integrated into society, to have an occupation or a job and professional, personal and social development through a support plan that is tailored to each beneficiary according to their age and personal characteristics.



  • Evaluation and diagnosis
  • Early stimulation
  • Therapy and treatments
  • Psycho-social rehabilitation
  • Adjusted physical activity
  • Socialisation and normalisation
  • Orientation towards employment
  • Employment intermediation
  • Scholarships and training
  • Adaptation
  • Employment with support provided


  • Information - advice
  • Contact networks
  • Respite care
  • Family therapy

Active Listening


Upstream internal communication to support continuous improvement

Bankia has implemented an internal communication strategy based on "active listening", aimed at supporting continuous improvement in the bank and empowering the "voice" of employees as a driver for change. All of this is achieved through work carried out on feedback and creating a closer connection, allowing opinions and suggestions to be redirected from the workforce to the corresponding departments, aiming to collaborate on processes for identifying and resolving problems, and adopting any appropriate measures for improvement.

In order to do this, channels have been introduced that allow staff perceptions and opinions to be gathered through employee focus groups, and internet forums for suggestions and best practices. There is also the possibility of publishing comments in real time in all sections of the online magazine, as well as videos published in the audio-visual space, and tests carried out among employees who are "jointly responsible for internal communication".

In 2013, Bankia's active listening programme received recognition in the awards for Best Practices in Internal Communication for Spanish business, from the Observatory for Internal Communication and Corporate Identity, formed by IE Business School, Capital Humano and Inforpress.

In November 2014, Bankia published and circulated the publication "Vivirlo y contarlo" ("Live it and tell it") to all employees, in recognition of their effort and commitment on the occasion of the 2012-2015 Strategic Plan's second anniversary.

In this publication, personal accounts and images from hundreds of employees are shared about the main projects undertaken in day-to-day activity, reflecting the integration of the bank's values within the business and how the work carried out by individuals and teams is focused on achieving Bankia's vision. 

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