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Key information



More information about principal shareholders by type of investor here.


The commitment assumed by Bankia in respect of dialogue with its shareholders and investor community is realised through a range of activities and channels, establishing open, continuous and transparent communication.

Senior Management and the Investor Relations team maintained direct contact throughout the year with more than 750 institutional investors, analysts and managers from around 460 different companies through road shows, international conferences, field trips and site visits — all of which served as opportunities to present the bank, its strategy and development, and also to clarify any doubts and to share opinions.

Website and Shareholder's Office

The “Shareholder Corner” provides information such as the Investor’s Calendar, benefits for shareholders, FAQs and contact details. Several enhancements were made to the website structure during the year and the content is continually updated.

The Shareholder’s Office is a direct communication service open to all shareholders. Information on the performance of the Group and the Bank’s share, and the benefits of being a Bankia shareholder is all provided by the Office, which also gives support and responds to enquiries and suggestions.

Policy on Information, Communication and Contacts with shareholders, institucional investors and proxy advisors

Through this Policy, Bankia’s Board of Directors aims to foster communication and ongoing dialogue with each of the Company’s stakeholder groups, in particular with shareholders, institutional investors and proxy advisors, so as to build strong, stable relationships of trust and promote transparency within the framework of the corporate interest.

Download the Policy on Information, Communication and Contacts with shareholders, institutional investors and proxy advisors


The exclusive benefits that shareholders can find on the Shareholder Corner of the website include:

  • Special discounts and terms for credit cards: “Gold Card at the price of a standard credit card and Platinum Cart at the price of Gold”
  • 15% discount on rewards in the Bankia Dream Points programme
  • Bankia has launched in July 2015 the new Shareholder and Investor Information Service. A free subscription service that allows you to stay informed of all developments relating to Bankia. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide access to all the relevant information of the bank; bank´s results, financial reports, news, material disclosures, indicators, studies and presentations, events, videos and other links.
    To register and start receiving the newsletter with the latest news, just fill the subscription form.
    To Access to previous newsletters click here.


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