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With suppliers
Bankia maintains active communication with suppliers, with the objective of learning of their evaluation of the relationship they have with the Bank. In addition, it also promotes and participates in meetings related to the development of the purchasing function.

  • Satisfaction surveys: Suppliers evaluate the relationship with the Bank regarding matters such as kind treatment, the functioning of the Confidential Whistleblowing Channel, the process of negotiation, compliance with the payment commitment and to what extent the values of the Bank are transmitted.
  • Supplier sponsor: This is a position created to improve communication, facilitate contact and undertake effective monitoring of performance in the collaboration between the Bank and the supplier.
  • Supplier Day: In 2016, for the first time Bankia held a Supplier Day, with the objective of emphasising the importance it gives to the participation and involvement of suppliers in the Bank's plans and its value chain.
  • Annual CPOnet convention: Bankia participated in the annual convention of CPOnet, the business social network that includes the most important procurement professionals operating in Spain. The meeting dealt with the management of supply risk and digitalisation of the purchasing function.
  • Diamond Purchasing Awards: : Also during 2016, the Bank sponsored the Seventh Edition of the Diamond Purchasing Awards, an initiative of the Spanish Association of Purchasing, Contracting and Procurement Professionals (Asociación Española de Profesionales de Compras, Contratación y Aprovisionamientos, or 'Aerce'), the purpose of which is to recognize excellence in management, disseminate best business practices and promote the purchasing function as being key in organizations.

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