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Bankia strives to transmit its values, policies and conduct along the whole of the supply chain, treating all of its suppliers as an integral part in the development of its business strategies.

Bankia’s close relationship with its suppliers is intended to be mutually beneficial, involving suppliers in the bank’s projects and strategy, as well as working together to establish long-term relationships and achieve satisfaction for all of the bank’s customers.

The success stories describe some of these suppliers’ experiences in their relations with Bankia and reflect the shared commitments and efforts made to improve their responsible management with a common goal – to provide the best possible service at the lowest social and environmental cost.

Case studies Lyreco Iberia and Bankia

Case studies Informática El Corte Inglés and Bankia

Case studies Evicertia and Bankia

Case studies Informática El Corte Inglés y Bankia - Certificación de Compras (spanish version)

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