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In 2016, Bankia strengthened its commitment to diversification with a pledge to incorporate new suppliers every year. During the year, 384 new suppliers were added, increasing the total number of authorised suppliers by 12.32% to 3,117.

The bank, takes the best practices defined in the UNE 15896 standard, Value Added Purchasing Management (first financial institution to obtain this certification), gives preference to suppliers that are respectful of their employees, quality, the environment and human rights and avoids purchasing products and services from companies that are known to have breached their legal, tax, employment, environmental, health and safety or human rights obligations.

Furthermore, agreements with suppliers include environmental clauses and an annex related to employee health and safety if the service is being provided at the bank’s facilities.

Bankia - Map Active SMES

Classification of approved suppliers 
Classification of active suppliers by sector
SMEs that are active suppliers
A total of 3,117 approved suppliers
% Active suppliers domicilied
% Billing from local suppliers

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