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The Supplier Certification Process is an essential pre-requisite for commercial relations with Bankia. The process assesses various aspects and highlights the supplier’s economic, social and environmental risks based on obligatory information. The Supplier Portal  is the channel used for providing this information and communicating the result of the evaluation.

The Supplier Portal  provides the following services:

  • Supplier registration.
  • Requests for certification, with varying requirements depending on current corporate policies, implemented through customisable forms according to the purchasing category.
  • Send offers and negotiation
  • Repository of supplier information and documentation: Automated management of updates, certificates, expiry notifications.
  • Standardisation and automation of the supplier evaluation process.

Advantages for suppliers:

  • Online access and simplified process of providing certificates and information, requested at any given time, for each purchasing category applicable to the supplier or for which it requests certification.
  • Communication of requests for offers, and a homogeneous response to those requested.
  • Transparency: visibility of the supplier’s scores and information about areas for improvement, as well as the state of its negotiations
  • Control of authorisations: suppliers can manage the people that can access the portal and communicate with Bankia.
  • Available in Spanish and English to help foreign suppliers to register.
  • Portal user support service.

Advantages for Bankia:

  • Increased efficiency, eliminating low-value tasks while always having data that is directly updated by the supplier.
  • Transparency: standardisation of relations and actions with suppliers.
  • Integrated vision of the overall status of its suppliers in terms of certifications, negotiation and the quality of their performance with the organisation.

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