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What is it?

RSS is a format based on XML that helps you find the information you are looking for, offering it to you quickly each time it is updated.

What do I need to access RSS feeds?

An RSS aggregator or reader is a program capable of reading or interpreting RSS sources or feeds, which will inform you when there are updates. Using feeds and aggregators, you can decide, following the alert from the reader, whether you want to visit the web site and get further information.

What RSS aggregators or readers are available?

  • Desktop aggregators: these are installed on your computer. Example: FeedReader or RssOwl.
  • Online aggregators: these do not require installation. You normally need only register on the aggregator site to use them. Examples: Netvibes, Newsblur, Bloglines, Pulse.
  • Aggregators as plug-ins: some browsers and e-mail managers, such as Firefox, Netscape, Opera or Thunderbird, include the in their programs as a value-added service.

Once you have an aggregator, select the RSS feeds or files that interest you to carry out content syndication. To subscribe to a feed, you generally need to copy the URL of the RSS file and enter it in your aggregator.

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