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The texts of the documents shown on this page matches exactly the text of the Material Disclosures made to the National Securities Market Comission (CNMV) by Bankia, S.A.

This information is available in the official records of the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

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Title Date/Hour
The governing companies of the Spanish stock exchanges have agreed to admit the new shares of Bankia, S.A. to trading effective tomorrow, Friday 12 January 2018. 01/11/2018  19:12
Today there has been registered in the Mercantile Registry the deed of the merger by absorption of Banco Mare Nostrum, S.A. by Bankia, S.A. 01/08/2018  16:35
Bankia, S.A. and Banco Mare Nostrum, S.A. have executed the deed of the merger by absorption of the latter by the former. 12/29/2017  11:16
The Company reports the prudential capital requirements for 2018 required by the European Central Bank. 12/13/2017  18:59
Accelerated book-building offering of shares of Bankia, S.A. 12/12/2017  08:31

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