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The information contained here in lists the major firms and equity analysts that monitor and issue recommendations for Bankia stock(*):

Firm Date TP Target Price Recommendation Analyst Home page
Ahorro Corporación 25/07/2016 1.00 Buy Nuria García Ahorro Corporación
Alantra 10/01/2017 NA  NA  Francisco Riquel  Alantra 
Alphavalue 01/02/2017 0.93 Reduce David Grinsztajn Alphavalue
Autonomous 30/01/2017 NA NA Britta Schmidt Autonomous
Bankinter Securities 26/10/2016 0.82 Hold Marisa Mazo Bankinter Securities
Barclays 22/03/2017 NA NA Rohith Chandra-Rajan Barclays
BBVA Research 16/01/2017 1.00 Market Perform Alfredo Alonso / Silvia Rigol BBVA Research
Berenberg 01/11/2016 0.60 Sell  Andrew Lowe Berenberg
BoAML 21/09/2016 0.80 Underperform Marta Sánchez Merryll Lynch
BPI 23/01/2017 0.75 Sell Carlos Peixoto BPI Online
Caixabank 03/11/2016 0.90 Overweight David Fernández La Caixa Research
Citi 21/03/2017 1.10 Neutral Stefan Nedialkov Citi Velocity
Credit Suisse 01/02/2017 1.10 Outperform Andrea Unzueta Credit Suisse
Deutsche Bank 13/12/2016 1.10 Buy Ignacio Ulargui DB Markets
Exane BNP Paribas 22/07/2016 0.75 Underperform Santiago López Exane
Fidentiis 10/02/2017 1.00-1.05 Hold Mario Ropero Fidentiis
Gaesco Beka 27/10/2016 0.98 Neutral Javier Bernat Bekafinance
Goldman Sachs 07/02/2017 1.04 Neutral Jernej Omahen Goldman Sachs
Haitong 12/08/2016 0.61 Sell  NA Haitong
JB Capital 18/10/2016 0.99 Buy Mª Paz Ojeda /Juan Tuesta JB Capital
Jefferies 20/01/2017 0.80  Underperform  Benjie Creelan-Sandford  Jefferies
JP Morgan 22/03/2017 1.15 Neutral Kian Abouhossein / Sofie Peterzens JP Morgan
KBW 08/02/2017 0.84 Underperform Hari Sivakumaran / Daragh Quinn KBW
Kepler Cheuvreux 21/02/2017 1.00 Hold Carlos García Kepler Cheuvreux
Mediobanca 31/01/2017 1.05 Outperform Andrea Filtri Mediobanca
Mirabaud 30/08/2016 NA NA NA  Mirabaud
Morgan Stanley 05/12/2016 1.10 Overweight Álvaro Serrano Morgan Stanley
Norbolsa 21/12/2016  0.90  Sell Nagore Diez  Norbolsa 
Redburn 25/04/2016  NA  Neutral  Stefan Stoev  Redburn
Renta 4 02/03/2017 0.95  Hold  Nuria Álvarez Renta4 
Sabadell 19/01/2017 1.12 Buy Mario Lodos Sabadell
Santander 30/06/2016 1.15 Buy Javier Echanove Santander
Société Générale 22/02/2017 0.79 Sell Carlos Cobo Societe Generale
UBS 07/02/2017 0.95 Neutral Ignacio Cerezo UBS

Average 0.94
Maximun 1.15
Minimun 0.60
Median 0.99

Figures as of 23rd March 2017

* All the recommendations included in this summary reflect the opinions and estimates of the stated organisations and analysts. The inclusion of this information in the Bankia, S.A. portal does not imply that it represents the opinions, estimates or forecasts of Bankia, S.A. or its directors or managers and must not be interpreted as investment advice given by Bankia, S.A. This summary may not include a complete list of the organisations and analysts that follow the Bankia, S.A. share and, moreover, is subject to changes, so on no account shall Bankia, S.A. be responsible for any errors or omissions or for the use given to this information.

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