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The main business carried on by Bankia and its holdings are grouped into the following areas: Retail Banking, Business Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management and Bancassurance, Capital Markets and Holdings.

Retail Banking

Retail Banking is a strategic business for Bankia, as one of the leading financial institutions in this segment. The revenue ceiling for inclusion in this category is 6 million euros. The business model is focused on the customer through a broad multichannel network.

Business Banking

The Business Banking segment is strategic within Bankia, as the area that serves corporate entities with annual turnover of over six million euros.

Private Banking

Bankia's Private Banking area works with high net worth and high-income customers (over 600,000 euros). It offers a comprehensive range of products and services, with personalised treatment in a relationship built on trust and on nimble high-quality management.

Asset Management and Bancassurance

The Bankia Asset Management and Bancassurance area brings together the investment funds, pension plans and funds and insurance businesses. All of these products and services are distributed via the group's multichannel platforms.

Capital Markets

Capital Markets concentrates the Bank's capacity to originate, design and structure financial products, as well as the direct sale of those products.


Bankia manages a number of the Group’s investees as well as holding significant stakes in industrial companies in various sectors.

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