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Retail banking

Retail banking encompasses private banking, personal banking, SMEs and the self-employed, and universal banking.

Business banking

The exclusive business banking network provides advice and service companies with annual turnovers of over 6 million euros.

Private banking

This arm offers high-wealth customers with high incomes (over 600,000 euros) a full range of products and services and a personalised confidential service, with responsive, high quality management.


This arm offers retail customers savings, health, life, vehicle and home insurance, and provides companies with business, public liability, transport and credit insurance.

Asset management

This area is responsible for providing investment products to the commercial network through Bankia Fondos and Bankia Pensiones.

Real-estate assets

Haya Real State has been managing, administrating and selling BFA-Bankia’s real-estate assets since 2014.


Under its 2012-2015 Strategic Plan, Bankia fulfilled the objective of divesting non-core investees still in its portfolio.

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