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Business banking specialises in serving companies with a turnover of over six million euros per annum. Its portfolio in this segment comprises more than 20,000 customers and is well diversified among the different sectors, although services, manufacturing and retail account for 46% of the total.

More tan 20.000 customers

Services, manufacturing and retail account
Business need not only financing but also advice. Meeting both these needs is the fundamental objective in this segment.

Bankia has 59 business centres, two company corners, a corporate office in Madrid and another in Barcelona. In all of them it operates from a dual perspective of profitability and prudent management, taking a long-term view of its financial relationships with customers. The goals of each team are to generate earnings, achieve cross-selling, and closely monitor risks on order to provide credit to fund business ventures that will help them grow.

In pursuing these targets, Bankia adheres to policies that are compatible with its corporate values, including transparency, legality and protection of human rights, which means that certain controversial sectors, specified in the internal operations manuals, are excluded from the relationship.

Helping growth

During 2016, Bankia maintained a rapid pace of lending to companies with annual sales of more than six million euros, both for working capital and for investment. Over the course of the year, it provided 8,617 million euros of credit and loans to this segment. If lending to SMEs and he self-employed is added, the total comes to 12,137 million euros. In addition, pre-approved credit totalling 16,881 million euros is available to business customers, existing and new. In loan syndication Bankia ranked fourth in the Spanish financial system in 2016, with 4,304 million euros, 8.4% of the total.

Bankia - Business Banking

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