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The retail banking arm serves individuals, small enterprises (with a turnover of up to six million euros) and the self-employed, applying a universal banking model. Its main objective is to build customer loyalty and increase customer retention through value-adding products and services, reliable advice and quality service.

This arm’s strategy involves specialising in five different customer profiles: Private banking, personal banking, high potential, SMEs and the self-employed, and individuals. Customers can then be assigned to specific account managers, who will manage their relationship with the bank, so as to achieve higher satisfaction levels and generate new business opportunities.

CRM (customer relationship management) and Big Data models are essential for this purpose, as they help detect users’ needs at any given time.

Personalized attention

The customer at the heart of what we do
Specialisation is key to providing each type of customer with the services they require. Bankia therefore divides its attention among individuals, the self-employed and small enterprises.

To support this strategy, Bankia has various types of branches, including universal banking branches, Agile Branches (with extended opening hours and intended mainly for quick transactions and inquiries), Plus Branches (specialising in advice) and the “Conecta con tu Experto” service (providing advice to digital customers).

Bankia - Retail Banking

Distribution by customer profile

Private banking

This arm serves high net worth customers who demand top-quality financial and tax advice. Bankia Private Banking has the advantages of a financial boutique but with the backing of a large group. This means customers have access to a highly specialised service and, at the same time, the transactional capacity of any bank.

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Personal banking

This arm serves customers with financial net worth of more than 75,000 euros or net annual income of more than 45,000 euros. Its 2,000-plus account managers and advisers are highly qualified and are devoted exclusively to this segment. One of their tasks is to maintain continuous contact with customers, for which purpose they have specific functionalities at their disposal in the remote channels.

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High potential

This function manages the portfolios of customers whose business with the bank is highly likely to grow and who may become personal banking customers in the future.

SMEs and the self-employed

The retail branches also serve self-employed professionals, small retailers and SMEs with sales of up to six million euros per year.

In 2016, 3,742 million euros of finance was granted through 26,047 loans to SMEs and 30,202 loans to the self-employed.

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Retail customers

Bankia’s offering to retail customers primarily comprises demand and term savings deposits, guarantees and debit and credit cards. Other products are also provided that foster their loyalty and sales of other products, such as standing orders and direct debit bill payments, investment funds and pension plans, and insurance and savings policies.

The bank focused on consumer loans in 2016, granting 1,457 million euros, while 2.3 million customers took out pre-approved loans.

The FinanExpress service for micro-credits was also rolled out further in 2016 across all channels (with upwards of 176,000 operations of this type, totalling more than 69 million euros) and for home purchases. Bankia lent households 1,075 million euros during 2016.

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Digital customers

Bankia has a personalised advisory service called “Conecta con tu Experto”, for this type of customers who hardly ever use the branches. This service expanded rapidly in 2016, with the number of advisors rising from 88 to 255. In addition to those already open in Madrid, new offices were opened in Logroño, Valencia, Alicante, Las Palmas and Barcelona. By the end of the year, the service had nearly 300,000 users, who showed a high degree of satisfaction. The goal for 2017 is to exceed 500,000 customers and 600 managers.

The service allows customers to perform any transaction, apart from cash withdrawal, at any time. Each user has an account manager, who is always the same person, and can choose at what times and by what means (telephone, email, chat, etc.) he or she wants to be contacted.

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