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BankiaMultichannel Commercial Network

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Bankia is a national bank focused on retail customers and businesses. It offers its services through the full range of channels: branch offices, our "Ofibus" travelling branches, online and mobile banking, etc.

The Bankia commercial network is organised into different types of offices and customer service points. In terms of geographical distribution, Bankia has a presence throughout Spain, although most notably in the home areas of its founding savings banks.

La red de oficinas de Bankia se complementa además con los siguientes centros:

  • 61 Business Banking offices
  • 2 Corporate Banking offices.
  • 13 Private Banking branches.
  • 35 Recovery Centres.
  • 3 Property developer offices.

Bankia also reaches underbanked areas through its 11 'Ofibus' travelling branches that serve 337 townships.

The ATM network comprises 5,016 sites, some 581 of which are in sparsely populates zones.

At year-end 2017 some 40.5% of Bankia customers were multichannel and 13.4% of sales were done via digital channels. Bankia is bringing its commercial strategy into step with the ongoing digitisation of society and its customer base, with ever greater emphasis on online service points.

  • 584,000 customers for ‘Connect with your expert’.
  • 52 ‘Connect with your expert’ offices.
  • 7 ‘Value Plus+’ offices.
  • 2,297,945 multichannel customers.
  • 1,824,290 users of the 'Mobile Branch'.

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