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Business, education, sport...

Strong commitment
At Bankia we are determined to build a business based on strong principles, in the belief that values such as hard work, team work, innovation and solidarity create value for the society in which we live. Supporting social initiatives in the world of sport, culture and business therefore helps us to express these principles and engage the whole of society.

Bankia understands the importance of young people and creates specific programs to support them. This is the reason behind Bankia’s unwavering commitment to providing vocational education. Since the start of 2014 we have signed collaboration agreements to provide vocational education and internships with ten regional governments, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, and with private associations, to carry out projects which, in turn, enhance the reputation and strengthen the vocational education available in Spain.

The company recently reached an agreement with the Bertelsmann Foundation to work together to develop vocational education and internships in this country, promoting an educational model that aligns education with companies’ needs, helping to reduce youth unemployment in Spain. Bankia also sponsors the “Andalusian Awards of the Future” and “Young Talent Awards” –celebrating their eighth and third editions this year respectively– as a way of recognising young people in Andalusia and Valencia who are outstanding in their fields of sport, science, social action, culture and enterprise. Furthermore, the company also sponsors the “Carné Joven” (a young people’s discount card) of the regional governments of Valencia, Castilla y León, the Canary Islands, Castilla–La Mancha and the autonomous city of Ceuta. The card offers young people a variety of discounts and exclusive benefits in their regions, but can also be used as a financial card at no additional cost. More than 800,000 young people currently enjoy these advantages.

Bankia has created a specific program to support Valencia’s music associations (Bankia Escolta València) in order to develop musical activities that help to boost, protect and promote Valencia’s musical culture, represented by the band associations. The program seeks to develop Valencia’s musical culture through a high-impact initiative that helps to drive social change.

To encourage employment among young musicians and as a way of promoting music among Spanish society, in 2015 Bankia created the Bankia Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra seeks to discover new musical talent, recognise dedication, offer continuous training and work, and to help the most talented young instrumentalists who have completed their formal training to find employment. In 2016 we are continuing to support the employment prospects of these young musicians, in recognition of their hard work and talent, by creating a new program to help instrumentalists, focussed on the concerts due to take place across different parts of Spain this year.

Bankia also sponsors other projects in the world of business, such as events promoted by the Association for Management Progress (APD), business conferences with the media, and a comprehensive program of conferences, discussions and round table events that bring together managers and companies in search of progress in today’s difficult environment. We also take part in various trade fairs and exhibitions throughout Spain, such as FORINVEST, Salón Mi Empresa, Spain StartUp, etc.

Our sponsorships

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