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Bankia's claim
Bankia's claim

13 September 2019

"Acronyms That Really Matter"

Bankia launches an advertising campaign called ‘Acronyms’ which is the beginning of a new stage for the brand, the entity and customers.

Goirigolzarri in AEFA meetings
Goirigolzarri in AEFA meetings

12 September 2019

Goirigolzarri: "European banks must reflect on their business model"

The president of Bankia has affirmed, about the situation of the banking sector, that "Banking must obey excellent professional and ethical criteria".


03 September 2019

Mobile purchases by Bankia customers increase by more than 120% between January and July

The digitization of Bankia's customers is progressing well, and almost 50% of the bank's customers are already digital.

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13 September 2019

Macroeconomic Indicators in Spain

Performance of main Spanish macroeconomic indicators.

20 August 2019

Bankia opens an account to recover funds to mitigate the damage of the Gran Canaria fire

The financial contributions will be made available to local authorities and institutions to deal with the damage caused by fire on the island.

14 August 2019

The social projects supported by Bankia benefit 200,000 people in 10 autonomous communities

The initiatives are framed in the six main lines of action of the entity, focused on the promotion of local development, employment, disability, housing, the environment and training.

12 August 2019

Ofibuses, vehicles to fight against financial exclusion

Bankia has a fleet of a dozen mobile branches that serve in locations that do not have offices, in which some 220,000 operations are carried out annually.

08 August 2019

Bankia upgrades former BMN cash machine network

The new ATMs incorporate features such as operating with a contactless card or phone, withdrawing money without a card, making emergency refunds, among other improvements.

Resultados Bankia 2T 2019

2Q 2019 Results Bankia

Bankia continues improving the quality of its balance sheet and achieves a net profit of €400 million to June.

Press Release

Financial Reports

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Junta General Accionistas Bankia 2019

2019 General Meeting of Shareholders

Approved the payment of the fifth dividend in the history of Bankia, in total 357 million euros, 5% more than the previous year.




2018 Bankia Annual Report

Bankia in 2018

The annual report details all the important milestones undertaken by the bank in 2018.

Annual Report


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Bankia's Key Figures


Board of Directors
Board of Directors


Bankia has a consolidated governance structure under the principles of good corporate governance

Board of Directors

Management Committee

Territorial organization

Strategic Plan 2018-2020
Strategic Plan 2018-2020


We want to be the best bank in Spain in 2020.

Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Responsible Management Plan

Responsible Management
Responsible Management

Responsible commitment

The Responsible Management policy helps to guide the business, prevent risks and lay the foundations for dialogue with stakeholders.




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