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14 May 2019

Bankia reinforces its "internal and external commitment" to the SDGs on the Day of Families

The financial institution has allocated 100 million euros to social and environmental projects in the last six years.

Ignacio Cea
Ignacio Cea

09 May 2019

Bankia is committed to Artificial Intelligence to offer products and services tailored to customer needs

The corporate director of Innovation and Cybersecurity of Bankia, Ignacio Cea, said that the technology is a strategic element for the entity.

Felix Uriarte
Felix Uriarte

08 May 2019

Bankia has received an award to innovation in digital payment methods

The entity has been recognized in the category of 'Finance and Insurance', as a company that with its products and services helps to innovate.


17 May 2019

Housing market indicators in Spain

Performance of main Spanish macroeconomic indicators.

08 May 2019

Bankia generated a capital of 1.17 billion euros by March

The CEO of Bankia has indicated that these figures allow to advance in the goal of distributing up to 2,500 million euros among shareholders, as reflected in the current Strategic Plan 2018-2020.

07 May 2019

Bankia launches Waiap to lead digital payments in stores in Spain

Waiap is a PSP ("payment service provider") aimed at businesses of any size, which focuses on achieving the best user experience ("frictionless payment") and helps them to sell more.

04 April 2019

Bankia has allocated 100 million euros to social and environmental projects over the past six years

The entity focuses its social activity on six key areas for society: local development, employment, disability, housing, environment and training.

30 January 2019

Fitch raises Bankia's rating to ‘BBB’, with stable outlook

Fitch explains that the increase in Bankia's rating “occurs as a result of the significant reduction in problematic assets”.

  • Material Disclosures 22 May 2019 - 13:11

    Early redeemed “Bono Subordinado Bankia 2014-1” (ISIN: ES0213307004).

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Resultados 1T 2019 Bankia - Goirigolzarri

1Q 2019 Results Bankia

Bankia stabilises its margins and posts net profit of 205 million in the first quarter.

Press Release

Financial Reports

Press kits


Junta General Accionistas Bankia 2019

2019 General Meeting of Shareholders

Approved the payment of the fifth dividend in the history of Bankia, in total 357 million euros, 5% more than the previous year.




2018 Bankia Annual Report

Bankia in 2018

The annual report details all the important milestones undertaken by the bank in 2018.

Annual Report


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Bankia's Key Figures


Board of Directors
Board of Directors


Bankia has a consolidated governance structure under the principles of good corporate governance

Board of Directors

Management Committee

Territorial organization

Strategic Plan 2018-2020
Strategic Plan 2018-2020


We want to be the best bank in Spain in 2020.

Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Responsible Management Plan

Responsible Management
Responsible Management

Responsible commitment

The Responsible Management policy helps to guide the business, prevent risks and lay the foundations for dialogue with stakeholders.



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