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Goirigolzarri resultados 2T 2019 Bankia

"For yet another quarter, we show an improvement in the quality of our balance sheet and we are generating capital organically; in fact, our capital adequacy is the strongest amongst the largest Banks"


Bankia hosts first shareholder engagement meeting

Around 50 shareholders attended the meeting with Bankia, which also involved Bankia’s Chief Finance Officer, Leopoldo Alvear; CSR Director, David Menéndez; and the director of Bankia Research, José Ramón Díez.

Leopoldo Alvear: "Bankia remains committed to distributing 2.5 million euros to shareholders by 2020"

The financial director of Bankia has ensured that the entity remains committed to comply with the provisions of the Strategic Plan, while praising the increase in the number of clients.


Attributable profit

Millions € 

Aid Repayment 

Millions €

Resultados Bankia 2T 2019

2Q 2019 Results Bankia

Bankia continues improving the quality of its balance sheet and achieves a net profit of €400 million to June.

Press Release

Financial Reports

Press Kits


Junta General Accionistas Bankia 2019

2019 General Meeting of Shareholders

Approved the payment of the fifth dividend in the history of Bankia, in total 357 million euros, 5% more than the previous year.




2018 Bankia Annual Report

Bankia in 2018

The annual report details all the important milestones undertaken by the bank in 2018.

Annual Report


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12 August 2019

Bankia mobile offices service 250,000 people in 373 municipalities at risk of financial exclusion

The bank has a fleet of a dozen mobile branches that serve in locations that do not have offices, in which some 220,000 operations are carried out annually.

09 August 2019

Bankia sponsors the exhibition of 'The Divine Comedy' by Salvador Dalí in Segovia

The exhibition offers more than a hundred pieces made by the genius of surrealism based on the work of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri.

08 August 2019

Bankia upgrades former BMN cash machine network

The new ATMs incorporate features such as operating with a contactless card or phone, withdrawing money without a card, making emergency refunds, among other improvements.


09 August 2019

Macroeconomic Indicators in Spain

Performance of main Spanish macroeconomic indicators.

07 August 2019

Bankia and Fundación Montemadrid join forces to make urban allotments available to social organisations

‘Cultiva la Amistad’ project will allow non-profit entities to practice organic farming and develop social action and community activity initiatives.

06 August 2019

Bankia nurtures youth talent and employment through music

Bankia believes that music represents the entity's own values: professionalism, integrity, commitment, closeness and achievement orientation.

02 August 2019

Bankia increases its market share of instant bank transfers to 33.5% in the first six-month period

The entity increases its market share by 14.5% more compared to the previous year and reaches the lowest time in Spain and Europe in the processing of this type of operations.

02 August 2019

Juan Carlos Lauder: “Today’s vocational training is the future of our society”

Interview with the director of Fundación Bankia por la Formación Dual.

Bankia's Key Figures


Board of Directors
Board of Directors


Bankia has a consolidated governance structure under the principles of good corporate governance

Board of Directors

Management Committee

Territorial organization

Strategic Plan 2018-2020
Strategic Plan 2018-2020


We want to be the best bank in Spain in 2020.

Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Responsible Management Plan

Responsible Management
Responsible Management

Responsible commitment

The Responsible Management policy helps to guide the business, prevent risks and lay the foundations for dialogue with stakeholders.




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