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05 December 2019 

Bankia helps companies detect energy and environmental improvements in their management through the Certifica (Certify) and Eficiencia Energética (Energy Efficiency) tools

The efficient use of energy represents the most cost effective way to cut greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the high dependence on fossil fuel imports.

05 December 2019 

What does Bankia to combat climate change and its effects?

Bankia launched a new line of Social Action in 2018 to support environmental projects, specifically to improve biodiversity and combat climate change.

03 December 2019 

The Eco-Efficiency Plan with which Bankia contributes to neutral emissions by 2050

The bank is committed to the environmental future of the planet and in its 2017-2020 Eco-efficiency and Climate Change Plan establishes a series of objectives aimed at contributing to the SDGs and neutral emissions by 2050.

Bankia Estudios


22 November 2019

Macroeconomic Indicators in Spain

Performance of main Spanish macroeconomic indicators.

12 November 2019

Bankia, the first Spanish bank to have a verified official WhatsApp account

The entity's customer service team resolves users' doubts about mortgage issues, although other products and services are expected to be gradually incorporated.

04 November 2019

The use of the Bankia app increased by 43% among young people in the third quarter

This index monitors in real time the use of more than 90 financial applications to prepare a ranking of the best applications based on their performance.

05 November 2019

Bankia issues 750 million euros in 7-year non-preferred senior bonds

The entity, with this operation, complies with its 2019 Financing Plan, ending the year with 3.5 billion issues, a figure that represents a very positive balance of market access.

24 October 2019

Plaza 53, the first Bankia flagship in Madrid

The new branch has areas with privacy and confidentiality for clients that require financial advice or financial literacy. In addition, among other facilities, the office has the most modern technology, a self-service area, another fast management and active waiting.

  • Material Disclosures 05 December 2019 - 21:19

    Prudential capital requirements for 2020.

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Bankia results 3Q 2019

3Q 2019 Results Bankia

Bankia increases net interest income over the quarter and posts attributable profit of 575 million euros to September.

Press Release

Financial Reports



Junta General Accionistas Bankia 2019

2019 General Meeting of Shareholders

Approved the payment of the fifth dividend in the history of Bankia, in total 357 million euros, 5% more than the previous year.




2018 Bankia Annual Report

Bankia in 2018

The annual report details all the important milestones undertaken by the bank in 2018.

Annual Report


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Bankia's Key Figures


Board of Directors
Board of Directors


Bankia has a consolidated governance structure under the principles of good corporate governance

Board of Directors

Management Committee

Territorial organization

Strategic Plan 2018-2020
Strategic Plan 2018-2020


We want to be the best bank in Spain in 2020.

Strategic Plan 2018-2020

Responsible Management Plan

Responsible Management
Responsible Management

Responsible commitment

The Responsible Management policy helps to guide the business, prevent risks and lay the foundations for dialogue with stakeholders.




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