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Subhome personas organización

A multidisciplinary organization in which to develop a career


Subhome personas organización multidisciplinar

To work at Bankia

Development and talent
Management style
Advantages and social benefits
Personas Yolanda Moreno

Yolanda Moreno

"People are the key to any success"

Personas José María Reguera

José María Reguera

"The personal situation of each employee is taken into account and this facilitates conciliation"

Personas Marina Hontañon

Marina Hontañón

"I am part of a great team that I am especially grateful for their support and collaboration"

Personas Javier Bonell

Javier Bonell

"Our leadership model is based on individual commitment, trust and delegation"


Bankia’s digital channels work

This is how the people who humanise Bankia’s digital channels work

They represent in excess of 80% of Bankia's workforce, and they are the people who provide the necessary support to customers heading towards digitalisation. They are the people behind the app’s chat, at the other end of our personal manager’s telephone line or the online management experts.

Bankia galardón premios Cegos 2020 recursos humanos

Bankia, winner of the '2020 Cegos Awards' for Best Practices in Human Resources

The ‘Management Communication Systematic Approach’ project is an initiative whose purpose is to structure communication flows in different areas of the entity and ensure that it flows on a recurring basis.

Bankia mejor estrategia cliente

Bankia, 'Best in Customer Experience Strategy' in the Spanish market

The jury values ​​in this recognition the design and execution of global projects where customer experience is the engine of the business and a competitive advantage.

People management


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