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Talent management

To generate a more inclusive leadership.


As a lever for the change and commitment of the Group.


To achieve success through the business strategy and its professionals.

Commitment to the values

Bankia's professionals know and feel identified with the bank's values, as can be gathered from the results of the first Study of Professional Climate in Bankia.

BANKIA'S PEOPLE is the foundation of the bank and its core asset.

Management style

Professionalism, integrity, commitment, closeness and focus on achievement are the bedrock values of the Bankia management style.


Identifying, developing and managing the potential of the bank's professionals are the goals of the Bankia Talent Model.


The bank has a Diversity Plan, which sets out the guidelines for action based on active listening to the professionals who make up Bankia.

Health and safety

The Bankia's POR goes beyond complying with the applicable legal requirements and forms part of the commitments made voluntarily in its Code of Ethics and Conduct.


Facilitating access by Bankia employees to high-quality training is a pivotal factor for their personal development.

Bankia Club Chief Data Officers

Bankia receives the company awards for 'Best Big Data Strategy' and 'Best Data Visualization Strategy'

José Sevilla, CEO of Bankia, stressed that the entity is committed to privacy and responsible digitalization so that customers have confidence towards data management.

Bankia AM strengthens the structure of its asset management business

Bankia Asset Management mainly groups the activity of pension plans and investment funds, managing more than 19,000 million euros.

Bankia creates a Sustainable Business and Financing Division

The bank reinforces with this new direction, which will be directed by Carlos Barrientos, its commitment to sustainable finance and the environmental impact of its activity.



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*Updated on 12/31/2019

Bankia - How we are

"The involvement of Bankia professionals in volunteering projects is essential for social action"

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